Search Engine Optimization

Our team of business analysts and certified Magento Solution Specialists will assist on every step in both pre- and post- website launch phases. We will help set out the SEO strategy for your website, in order to maximize brand impressions, clicks, and sales.
Our SEO optimization process is usually composed of 4 parts.

  • Research
    The initial step includes thorough analysis of the keywords used by competitors, their website structure and inbound links origins, as well as identifying keywords relevant to your website.
  • Website examination
    Our specialists will work on eliminating website errors, tune Magento, so it’s as effective as possible in terms of SEO, and improve its performance.
  • On-page optimization
    At this stage we’ll work on improving usability, site structure, and internal linking, implement customer reviews, social media integrations and rich snippets, as well as optimize keywords and mobile version of the website.
  • Test and improve
    SEO optimization is a never-ending process, and our team will be by your side to see what keywords convert the best, use PPC campaigns to identify new relevant keywords, as well as test meta titles/descriptions and page content.