Magento SEO Audit

Designed by Atwix certified professionals, our technical Magento SEO Audit offers solutions and optimizations to improve the search appearance of your Commerce.

Atwix has deep experience with both Magento development and Magento SEO optimization. By being the #1 contributor in Magento core for last 4 years, we’re able to perform an in-depth analysis of Magento 2 SEO parameters.

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With an Atwix Magento SEO audit
you receive an Audit Report with recommendations that cover:

  • List of duplicated content
  • Analysis of Magento On-page SEO content with titles & meta descriptions
  • Soft 404 pages
  • HTTPS security
  • Website structure analysis
  • User experience assessment
  • Average page load time
  • Bounce rate
  • Page semantic
  • Search index configuration check-up
  • Robots.txt configuration
  • NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW tag specifying & results
  • URL rewrites
  • JavaScript review
  • Engagement analysis
  • Multilingual SEO assessment
  • Local SEO overview.

Assess your website

Atwix helps boost your website performance. We analyze code, UI, designs, configuration, and architecture. We then provide you a roadmap with answers – not just observations – designed to increase performance, experience, and security.

Advanced Performance Audit

There is always room for improvement. Here at Atwix we have accumulated a vast experience of Magento performance fixes and offer this service to the public.

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Security Audit

No matter what size or model you have, keeping it compliant and trouble-free is a must. And we are here to help you with ensuring online shopping safety both for you and your clients.

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Magento SEO Audit

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