Magento Express Packages

eCommerce merchants, now more than ever, need to go online — fast — to meet customer demand.

Speed to market should not sacrifice your user’s experience or your business’s ability to grow

over time, though. To balance time and scale, Atwix introduces Magento Express Packages.

Starter Package

When speed-to-market is your top priority the Starter Package is for you. This package supports formation state businesses or brick-and-mortar businesses planning to launch an eCommerce store — quickly.

The advantage of Magento is that after the release, you can work to adjust and customize your store as needed, as you go, without re-work.

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Express Package

The Express Package is aimed at merchants with pre-existing eCommerce storefronts looking to scale their online presence with Magento.

Taking advantage of the Express Package, you will have a more customized storefront. This is necessary to fully translate your brand’s look & feel, as well as offering extended possibilities for more complex businesses requiring custom data migrations and system integrations.

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Accelerator Package

The Accelerator Package is oriented for eCommerce merchants already at scale. These merchants are looking to take user experience to entirely new level with Magento Commerce.

The last solution you need to launch your Magento store — from a fully custom data migration to a custom design to performance improvements, to advanced search — geared around growing out products lines, number of transactions, points of transactions — maintaining seamless uptime and performance.

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Why Atwix

Services Illustration
Architecture from Magento Masters
Atwix is the #1 code contributor to Magento in 2018, 2019, and 2020. For a merchant this means that your partner agency knows Magento in-and-out, from designing the platform to considering all the latest and upcoming changes.
Smart Design
Atwix designs award winning Magento web stores using leading practices and best in breed functionality. For a merchant, this ensure the value to cost is aligned with your resources, priorities and business objectives.
Agile Development
Atwix leverages an agile development methodology delivering a software development life cycle that consistently tests and validates Strategy + Operations + Technology requirements from design to delivery.
Team Extension
Atwix partners with merchants to align vision, goals, and business realities. We accomplish a ‘one team’ extension by establishing a resource design complementing your business strategy and industry expertise with our technology know-how, partnership with Adobe, and deep network across the Magento ecosystem.

Atwix One-Team Extension

Atwix Resource Design
Business Analyst
Client Success Manager
Project Manager & Tech Lead
Dedicated Development Team
Quality Assurance
Atwix Partnership
eCommerce roadmap
Knowledgeable team with certified developers and solution specialists
Project documentation
Regular reports
Typical reaction within 1 business day
Quarterly business reviews

Select Your Package

Starter Express Accelerator
Service Atwix One-Team Extension
Budgetary Guidance Starts at $25K Starts at $45K Multiple Options Available
Estimated Timelines Up to 6 weeks Up to 12 weeks 10 weeks or more
Multistore Different languages and currencies Different languages and currencies Different languages and currencies
Data migration Default data migration Data migration including custom data & Magento admin users Complete custom data migration, covering every aspect of your eCommerce
Payments Braintree by PayPal Any payment method integrated with Magento Any payment method integrated with Magento + needed customizations
Shipments Default shipping methods Any shipping method integrated with Magento Any shipping method integrated with Magento + needed customizations
Taxes Manual configuration Taxes configuration using third party integration Taxes configuration using third party integration & needed custom adjustments
Advanced SEO Basic SEO adjustments Advanced SEO adjustments
Improved site search Advanced site search based on Elastic search engine Advanced site search based on Elastic search engine, covering any custom pages: blog, CMS, etc.
Advanced Page Builder integration Page Builder integration (only for Magento Commerce) Page Builder integration with custom elements allowing you to create custom commerce experiences
Blog Basic blog functionality Blog functionality with custom adjustments
Design Design based on the default Magento Luma theme with some custom elements and functionality Fully custom theme reflecting your brand’s identity
Advanced performance optimizations Advanced performance configurations including CDN and IO
Advanced analytics and reporting Custom analytics integrations
SEO, security, and performance audits Performance and SEO audit in 1 month after the launch

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