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At Atwix, we specialize in e-commerce and open source software. We take quality of our solutions very seriously and strive to provide exceptional customer service to our clients on every level of the project lifecycle.

Atwix is proud to be Magento and OroCRM Solution partner.

One of our highest priorities at Atwix is the qualification of our team. We constantly undergo different kinds of certifications and have collected a solid portfolio of certificates to date.




Our Blog

Customize OroCRM Quick Launchpad dashboard widget

In one of our previous posts we described what a dashboard widget is and how to add a custom widget to an OroCRM dashboard. OroCRM has many native widgets with different useful functions, and one of the favorite ones is a Quick Launchpad. After installing OroCRM, we have the widget on the dashboard that has links to few pages: Accounts, Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, and System configuration. We can add, collapse, delete, and rename the widget from admin but we can't change the links. Fortunately we can change it in the code, as well as we can add custom links and manage existing links in a separate config file without changing the core files.


How to Add Admin Notification Messages in Magento 2

Recently we have shared a tutorial on how to add custom Admin system messages in Magento 2. Today we will cover another type of notifications that uses Default Admin Notifier - Notifications. The Notifications feature in Magento is used for notifying an admin user about variability issues, security patches, updates and other news.


How to hide your Magento 2 version

Having a particular version of the software easily discoverable makes hacker's job easier and allows automated scrapers to gather a database of URLs with particular software versions that can be used at an event of security vulnerability discovery for attacks. Of course, hiding the Magento version won't be enough to secure your store, but it is just a simple step to take, just like changing your admin URL that makes store a little bit more secure.