Magento Security Audit

Security should not come at a cost to a customer’s experience in your storefront. We believe that it’s imperative to secure your Magento data from hackers and intruders. Maintaining Magento compliance, security scan and a trouble-free environment is essential in 2022.

At Atwix, we are here to help you deliver a unique, engaging, and secure customer experience.


With our Security Audit Package
you receive an Audit Report on critical areas of your eCommerce:

  • Magento security patches
  • Admin access best practices
  • File system permissions
  • Frontend forms security
  • Malicious content in DB and files
  • Admin user permissions
  • Payment methods security
  • User data security
  • Brute Force protection
  • DDoS protection
  • Security best practices recommendations
  • Third-party extensions’ vulnerability analysis
  • Theme vulnerability analysis
  • SSL connection audit

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If you need a specific security check of your eCommerce or in-depth SEO consulting, we have audit services for these too.

Advanced Performance Audit

There is always a room for improvement. Here at Atwix we have accumulated a vast experience of Magento performance fixes and offer this service to the public.

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SEO Audit

This is an in-depth analysis of Magento web store to review compliance with common measurable SEO best practices ensuring the highest ranking in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.).

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Magento Security Audit

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