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Subscribing for a maintenance package is not always an ideal solution to the problem, sometimes you just need a problem fixed. Quickly.

Our experienced team with eCommerce expertise accumulated over 11 years is there to help with any Magento-related issue, be it Magento security patches, updates, bug fixes, or performance tweaks. With Magento Support service, there are no monthly or yearly commitments; you just pay as you go, exactly for the time that was spent on completing your task.

At the same time, you are given just as many privileges, in terms of communications, as maintenance package users – your project is assigned to a team once and for all, so the people on our end follow its progress and grow along your side.


Here’s a glimpse at what Atwix can help you with:

  • Security audits and patches
  • Performance audits
  • Installation of extensions
  • Magento extensions customization
  • Configuration of Magento extensions
  • Integration with third-party products
  • Magento customizations
  • Magento 1 / Magento 2 upgrades
  • Frontend modifications
  • Functionality improvements
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