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Great design does more than meets the eye. A successful web page not only looks beautiful, it also makes the customer journey smooth and seamless. We take this process seriously, from wireframing to the finishing touches. Every decision, every pixel, every color has the customer in mind. For Atwix, user experience is both an art and a science, aimed at maximizing the success of your eCommerce store. Close collaboration with our clients is paramount. Here’s how we do it.


Stages of our standard design process:



Measure twice, cut once. For Atwix, preparation is key. Our design and business teams analyze our clients’ requirements, create a project charter and site map, and determine the required resources, including stock photos, fonts, and third-party themes.


Atwix designers start by creating wireframes–the blueprints for a successful site. Next we build various design elements, and produce mock-ups that will soon be turned into HTML and CSS code.


Now our certified frontend developers step in, creating interactive features and coding templates for each part of the site, including home, product, category, and shopping cart pages. Once the site is populated with content, our Quality Assurance (QA) team begins their strenuous tests.


Time for lift off. Atwix applies the finishing touches to the new website, and moves it to a live server. There, we test it once again with the help of code validators, broken-link checkers, website health checkers, and even spell-checkers. Once finished, the site is proudly handed to the client, along with the documentation and source files.



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