Adobe Summit 2024: Big Names & Even Bigger Results!

What a ride Adobe Summit 2024 was! It felt like being in the heart of innovation’s biggest party, and Atwix wasn’t just there to join the fun—we were there to make waves with our technical excellence, prowess, and a few show-stopping moments on stage. We’re on the road to becoming THE name that everyone knows, but right now, we’re making our mark by working magic for some of the most renowned brands. Our goal is simple but ambitious: to take eCommerce to levels no one’s seen before, no matter the size of the brand.

The Buzz of the Summit: Embracing AI for Next-Level eCommerce

“Generation AI” was a huge theme, and it was all about revolutionizing the customer experience (CX) with artificial intelligence (AI). At Atwix, we’re diving headfirst into Adobe’s latest:

  • AI-Driven Personalization: Imagine knowing your customers so well that every step of their shopping experience feels tailor-made. That’s the power of AI we’re harnessing.
  • Content Creation, Simplified: With AI, crafting compelling product stories and social media posts becomes a breeze, leaving you more room to strategize.
  • Trust in AI: Adobe’s commitment means you can trust the authenticity of AI-generated content, ensuring your customers do too.

With Adobe broadening its horizons, integrating these AI wonders into your workflow is about to get a whole lot smoother!

A Spotlight on Our Star: Yaroslav Rogoza

A standout moment for the Atwix team was seeing our very own CTO, Yaroslav Rogoza, shine as an Adobe Commerce Rockstar. Taking the stage to share his expertise and work on EDS Storefront and Luma Bridge; he didn’t just talk shop—he showed the world the depth of innovation and knowledge we bring to the table in the commerce space.

More Than Just Talks: Atwix In Action

The real magic happened around the Atwix booth, away from the formalities. This was where connections were made, ideas were shared, and future e-commerce trends were debated with clients, industry partners, and fellow enthusiasts. It’s these conversations that fuel our vision for a more vibrant and collaborative ecommerce future.

Luma Bridge: Seamless eCommerce Integration

Luma Bridge is our answer to the tricky challenge of integrating headless and traditional storefronts without skipping a beat in customer experience. It promises smooth transitions, shared sessions, and a unified journey that boosts satisfaction and conversions. The Atwix Luma Bridge allows running “headful” Adobe Commerce alongside any headless solution, such as Adobe Experience Manager. For example, the product pages can be rendered by Adobe AEM and the checkout can be handled by Adobe Commerce running a Luma or Hyvä theme.

EDS Storefront: A New Era of Content Management

With EDS Storefront, updating your site’s content is as easy as typing a document. This low-to-no code solution prioritizes performance and seamless integration with Adobe Commerce, ensuring your online presence is not just maintained but thrives. The Document-based Authoring capabilities allow marketers to use the tools they are already familiar with, such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs to create and edit content, dramatically reducing the content production and maintenance time and allowing changes to be made and A/B tests to be run without involving developers.

Partnering with Atwix for Your E-commerce Success

At Atwix, it’s more than just offering services—it’s about forging partnerships that drive growth. No matter where you are in your business journey, we’re here to boost your e-commerce success with:

  • Site Audits & Smooth Migrations: We scrutinize your current setup and make transitioning a breeze.
  • Seamless System Integrations: Your e-commerce platform and existing ERP/CRM systems will work together like never before.
  • Tailored Strategies: Our consulting goes beyond one-size-fits-all, focusing on what works best for your goals.
  • Innovative Tech Solutions: With tools like Luma Bridge and EDS Storefront, we’re setting new standards in e-commerce integration and content management.

Who better to implement these solutions for you than the team that helped build it?

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