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Magento VS Squarespace – The Complete Comparison Guide

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magento vs squarespace banner desktop

Magento / Adobe Commerce Brief Overview

On a single platform, Magento Adobe Commerce allows you to create multi-channel commerce experiences for B2B and B2C consumers. Our future-proof technology provides you with a commerce platform that is infinitely adaptable, expandable, and scalable, from the catalog to payment to fulfillment.

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Magento has been serving tens of millions of customers around the globe, has highly customizable core features, marketplace, and ecosystem of third-party extension developers.


  • High Flexibility and Limitless Customization;
  • Richer Feature List (compared to other platforms);
  • Room for Scalability;
  • Large Community of Users and Contributors;
  • Advanced SEO Capabilities;


  • Higher setup and customization cost;
  • More time for development (compared to other platforms);
magento vs squarespace banner desktop

Squarespace Brief Overview

Squarespace is an all-in-one provider of everything you need to operate and develop your business, whether you’re just starting or an established brand. It offers eye-catching themes to make your shop stand out. You can sell an infinite number of items and present them with powerful merchandising potential. Multiple payment choices include secure checkout, delivery, and other services.


1.    Easy to create. With many templates to choose from, there’s a good chance that you will see something you like. Once you’ve decided on that, you may tweak it to fit your needs. When you’re confident in using the platform, you’ll realize that website maintenance is simply a question of putting pieces together. You can do so much even without the help of a developer.

2.    Mobile-friendly. The builder and templates are both mobile-friendly by default. After choosing the design and beginning working on it, you can be confident that the layout will perform just as well on any mobile device.


1.    Squarespace only allows you to change your site’s title and meta description. That’s all. You can’t change particular content keywords, tag portions independently, or do other SEO tricks.

2.    Despite several concerns that Squarespace’s local CDN has issues in some places, the company discontinued giving help to clients attempting to link their accounts with CloudFlare.

magento vs squarespace banner desktop


Magento allows you to develop a robust online store. It has a variety of features, integrations, and community support. You can create your shop and start doing business right away. Magento will assist you in adopting new technologies to future-proof your assets.

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Meanwhile, Squarespace is a little cheaper with its $18/month charge but does not come with a free version either. Where it truly shines though is in its comprehensive back-to-back services available to e-commerce sites. They do not charge e-commerce companies a fee for every transaction, which is difficult to find elsewhere, especially with Magento.

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