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Magento Adobe Commerce VS BigCommerce – The Complete Comparison Guide

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Magento / Adobe Commerce Brief Overview

On a single platform, Magento Adobe Commerce allows you to create multi-channel commerce experiences for B2B and B2C consumers. Our future-proof technology provides you with a commerce platform that is infinitely adaptable, expandable, and scalable, from the catalog to payment to fulfillment.

Magento has been serving tens of millions of customers around the globe, has highly customizable core features, marketplace, and ecosystem of third-party extension developers.


  • High Flexibility and Limitless Customization;
  • Richer Feature List (compared to other platforms);
  • Room for Scalability;
  • Large Community of Users and Contributors;
  • Advanced SEO Capabilities;


  • Higher setup and customization cost;
  • More time for development (compared to other platforms);
magento vs bigcommerce banner desktop

BigCommerce Brief Overview

BigCommerce is a ‘software as a service (SaaS)’ solution, which means you don’t own it; you pay a monthly subscription to use it.

The platform has a variety of customizable templates to make designing your online store easier. You can use it to sell almost anything. Some tools are supplied to assist you in marketing your business.


BigCommerce is ‘hosted,’ which means it operates on its own servers. You don’t need to have a web hosting service or install any software. You can design and maintain your store from anywhere as long as you have a web browser and internet connection.

BigCommerce is for those with little to no web design experience, but it also lets tech-savvy users and developers take things a step further by customizing their stores’ HTML and CSS.


One disadvantage of using BigCommerce is its automatic price increase policy. If your turnover surpasses specified levels, you will automatically be upgraded to a more expensive plan. This can surprise you, not knowing how or why you are charged differently in some months.

There aren’t enough free themes. To make it worse, most of the basic themes look the same. The premium themes are not as good as its competitors either. Plus, the Page Builder is more challenging to use and has fewer features than other page builders.

magento vs bigcommerce banner desktop


Fewer eCommerce shops other than Magento can scale while providing a consistent consumer experience. Managing activities in several countries get hectic. There may be several time-consuming tasks. Leveraging the expertise of Adobe Commerce developers can streamline and optimize the scalability of Magento-based eCommerce platforms, ensuring a consistent consumer experience across multiple countries while efficiently managing complex tasks and operations.

Adobe Commerce allows you to manage various sales channels and brands, whether you’re a B2B ready to go direct to consumer (D2C) or a B2C managing numerous brands in ten different languages.

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Meanwhile, BigCommerce excels at SEO and automated image optimization tool. Its multi-currency selling capabilities are the most compelling reasons to choose this product over a competitor.

However, its biggest flaw is definitely its template selection. The free alternatives should be more varied and with customization tools.

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