Advanced Performance Audit

If you own a high-performance car, would you use it to only fetch groceries down the street? Here at Atwix we have share our vast eCommerce experience and Magento / Adobe Commerce know-how that help you maximize platform performance, improve customer experience, and assure scalable security.

Advanced Performance Audit is the right match if you:

Services Illustration
Require a complex assessment of your current Magento / Adobe Commerce website in terms of SEO, security, and performance.
Need a roadmap for website improvements from a short-, mid- and long-term perspective.
Want to prepare for a product launch, holiday sales season, etc.
Prefer testing an agency prior to committing to long-term support contracts.

With our Advanced Performance Audit Package
you receive an Audit Report on what directly impacts your ROI:

Overall performance
Performance on mobile devices
Frontend performance:
Render-Blocking content
CDN configuration
Expiration headers
CSS/JS modification
Images optimization & more.
Express SEO review
Express Security review
Log analysis
Backend performance:
Unused Extensions
Cache Configuration
Catalog Database Structure
Session Storage Configuration
Main Store Pages Performance
Unused 3rd Party Extensions
Site Search
OPCache Configuration
Disabled Products
RealPath cache size

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