Magento Performance Audit

Have you ever driven a car with a parking brake engaged? That is the exact feeling customers have when browsing slow Magento stores. But there is always a room for improvement. Here at Atwix we have accummulated a vast experience of Magento performance fixes and now we offer this service to the public.

With our Performance Audit Package you will get an Audit Report on:

  • Unnecessary Database Entities
  • Database Logs
  • Unused Extensions
  • Cache Configuration
  • Catalog Database Structure
  • Session Storage Configuration
  • Home Page Performance
  • Product Page Performance
  • Product Listing Page Performance
  • Checkout Page Performance
  • Shopping Cart Page Performance
  • Checkout Success Page Performance
  • Overal Frontend Performance
  • Hardware Configuration
  • Performance on Mobile Devices


Perfomance Check Tool

Atwix provides free express audit for your Magento store. Get your score online in a few minutes!