Magento Advanced Performance Audit

If you own a high-performance car, would you use it to only fetch groceries down the street? Here at Atwix, we leverage our eCommerce experience and Magento / Adobe Commerce know-how to help you maximize platform performance, improve customer satisfaction, and assure website scalability with our Magento technical audit services.

Atwix Magento Performance Audit gives you a clear picture of the required steps to speed up your Magento 2 and keep the performance of your eCommerce project at the highest levels.


ATWIX Magento Advanced Performance Audit Services

Comprehensive Site Analysis

Our team conducts a thorough review of your site’s infrastructure, codebase, and third-party integrations. We use advanced tools and techniques to uncover hidden issues that could be slowing down your site.

Code Quality Evaluation

This focuses specifically on assessing the cleanliness, efficiency, and scalability of the codebase, which is crucial for long-term performance and maintainability.

Actionable Optimization Recommendations

Following our in-depth analysis, we provide a detailed report with actionable recommendations. Our solutions are tailored to your specific needs, ensuring your Magento store operates at its optimal performance.

Implementation and Expert Guidance

Our team of experienced Magento specialists doesn’t just guide you; we lead implementing the recommendations. Our approach ensures that your Magento store benefits from the highest level of performance enhancements. We provide ongoing support and advice, actively managing the implementation process and maintaining your store’s performance at its peak.

Proactive Optimization and Future-Proofing

We don’t just fix existing issues; we also identify potential future problems. Our proactive approach ensures your Magento store stays fast, efficient, and ahead of the competition.

Ongoing Performance Monitoring and Support

With our ongoing performance monitoring service, we keep an eye on your site’s performance, ensuring it remains fast and efficient as your business grows and evolves.

Maximize Performance with Magento Audits.

Ensure your Magento store operates at peak efficiency with Atwix’s comprehensive performance audit services. Our expert team conducts in-depth analyses to identify bottlenecks, inefficient code, and other performance issues that can slow down your eCommerce site. We provide actionable insights and tailored recommendations for optimization, including server configuration, caching strategies, and frontend improvements. Partner with us to enhance your Magento store’s speed, user experience, and scalability.

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Magento Advanced Performance Audit is the right match if you:


Require a complex assessment of your current Magento / Adobe Commerce website in terms of SEO, security, and performance.

Need a roadmap for website improvements from a short-, mid- and long-term perspective.

Want to prepare for a product launch, holiday sales season, etc.

Prefer testing an agency prior to committing to long-term support contracts.

With our Advanced Performance Audit Package
you receive an Audit Report on what directly impacts your ROI:

Overall performance
Performance on mobile devices
Frontend performance:
Render-Blocking content
CDN configuration
Expiration headers
CSS/JS modification
Images optimization & more.
Express SEO review
Express Security review
Log analysis
Backend performance:
Unused Extensions
Cache Configuration
Catalog Database Structure
Session Storage Configuration
Main Store Pages Performance
Unused 3rd Party Extensions
Site Search
OPCache Configuration
Disabled Products
RealPath cache size

Why Choose Us for Magento Performance Audit

Choose Atwix for a Magento Performance Audit that truly makes a difference. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your Magento store. We understand the importance of a fast, reliable, and efficient Magento e-commerce platform. Our services are designed to delve deeper into your site’s performance, identifying bottlenecks,evaluating code quality, and providing tailored solutions for optimization.

Our Magento 2 Code Audit Services Process

Initial Consultation

We start by understanding your business goals and challenges, setting the stage for a tailored audit.

Comprehensive Analysis

Our experts meticulously examine your Magento 2 codebase, focusing on code quality, security, and performance.

Issue Identification

We identify critical areas for improvement, including inefficient code, server configurations, security gaps, and performance issues.

Detailed Reporting and Recommendations

You receive an in-depth report outlining our findings, along with strategic recommendations for optimization.

Implementation Services

We don’t just identify issues; we’re here to fix them. Our team is ready to assist in implementing these recommendations, ensuring optimal performance and security for your Magento or Adobe Commerce store.

Ongoing Partnership

Beyond the audit, we offer continuous support and advice, maintaining your store’s performance at its peak.

Benefits of Magento Performance Audit

Elevate Your Site’s Speed and Performance

Dive into the heart of your Magento store’s efficiency with our comprehensive Performance Audit. We meticulously pinpoint and rectify the hidden bottlenecks and inefficiencies, catapulting your site’s loading speed to new heights. Experience transformative improvements that not only enhance user experience but also bolster your search engine rankings through optimized site speed.

Boost Customer Satisfaction and Engagement

In the digital realm, every second counts. Our Performance Audit ensures your website operates at lightning speed, providing a seamless shopping experience that keeps customers coming back for more. By minimizing bounce rates and fostering positive interactions, we help you cultivate lasting customer relationships and elevate your brand’s reputation.

Future-Proof Your Business

As your business scales, so should your Magento store. Our audit scrutinizes your site’s scalability, ensuring it’s equipped to handle surges in traffic and sales without breaking a sweat. By anticipating future growth and preparing your store accordingly, we help you stay one step ahead in the competitive eCommerce landscape.

Receive Customized Optimization Strategies

Every Magento store is unique, and so are our optimization strategies. Post-audit, we deliver personalized recommendations that align with your specific business goals and challenges. Tailored to your store’s unique needs, these strategies are designed to maximize performance and drive tangible results.

Ongoing Monitoring and Expert Support

Our commitment to your success extends beyond the initial audit. With continuous performance monitoring and expert guidance, we ensure your Magento store consistently operates at peak efficiency. Our proactive support model allows you to focus on growing your business, secure in the knowledge that your eCommerce platform is in expert hands.

Leverage Proven Expertise for Comprehensive Insights

Choosing Atwix means partnering with a team of certified Magento experts who bring deep insights and a holistic approach to every audit. We delve into the intricacies of your site’s architecture, code quality, and third-party integrations, uncovering opportunities for significant performance enhancements. With Atwix, you’re not just optimizing your store; you’re setting a new standard for excellence in eCommerce.

Technologies We Use in Magento Performance Audits

Enable Maintenance Mode in Magento:Adobe Commerce

At Atwix, we’re committed to delivering the highest quality in Magento Performance Audits. Our team uses a blend of cutting-edge technologies and proven tools to ensure that your Magento store is not only running efficiently but is also set up for future success.

Code Analysis and Quality Assurance:
Continuous Integration and Delivery:
Orchestration and Automation:
Monitoring and Performance Optimization:
Web Performance and Security Analysis:
Cloud Platforms:
Leveraging these technologies and cloud platforms allows us to conduct comprehensive audits and implement strategic improvements. Our highly certified Magento Contributors, Maintainers, and Developers are committed to optimizing your Magento store for speed, security, and scalability, ensuring it meets the highest standards of performance and reliability.

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Magento Advanced Performance Audit

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