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Headless architecture is a decoupling of the frontend of your website (the presentation layer) from the backend (the application layer), which allows both layers to be developed and tested  independently from – and in parallel with – one another.


Headless vs Monolith

In a headless environment, development efforts on your storefront, and on your backend, won’t block one another, because they no longer share the complex dependencies of a monolithic environment, allowing you to test business logic, independent of the user interface.

Because the user interface is untethered from the underlying, backend business and application logic, you can strategically invest in optimizing the storefront, without automatically requiring a similar investment into backend optimization, and vice-versa.

In short, a headless approach transforms a monolithic environment into one built on microservices, with maximum flexibility and autonomy between the front- and backend.

The MACH approach to Headless

To fully unlock the power of Headless, it’s beneficial to understand – and adopt – the MACH principle. MACH stands for 

That is, Headless architecture (the ‘H’ in MACH) is only one component – albeit a critical one – of the overall MACH approach. 

Microservices (the ‘M’ in MACH) provide flexible and reliable scalability, and independence of the components. Meaning marketplaces can cherry-pick tech providers for each business function, without changing the rest of the system.

API-first (the ‘A’) uses HTTP protocols to manage traffic, and either XML or JSON for payload management and data transfer. API-first enables multiple frontends for various formats (eg, mobile, web, IoT, more) in parallel, allowing you to plug into multiple, best-of-breed third-party systems. In short, API-first means there is no standardized user interface, rather a customized interface for optimized user experiences.

Cloud-native (the ‘C’) leverages Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to realize the full capabilities of the cloud. This includes storage and hosting, and elasticity and scaling, while mitigating costs for upgrade management.

Benefits of implementing Magento Headless

There are several benefits to adopting a Headless (MACH-based) Magento approach:

The Atwix approach to Headless Magento Implementation

Atwix fully endorses the MACH principle, and derives our MACH expertise from several commercial projects – past and current – which we’ve developed and maintained.

In the Cloud space, we’re tightly integrated with both AWS and Adobe Cloud. And we’ve  implemented complex business solutions using PWA Studio – for example, Interior Define.

Moreover, Atwix engineers and architects have delivered fast – yet stable – APIs for over a decade, including GraphQL coverage for Magento 2 & Adobe Commerce.

How to select a Headless integration partner

Magento development is highly-specialized, which means you need a development partner which is also highly-specialized, with an exclusive focus on Magento. 

Atwix builds full-service eCommerce customer experiences with Magento and Adobe Commerce – including PWA & Headless – for renowned brands, worldwide.

We specialize in award-winning digital transformations, delivering end-to-end implementations, design and development, migrations, performance improvements, and ongoing maintenance, and support. 

Our Headless Magento Development Services include:


The Magento Masters

Our Magento expertise is unrivaled. Atwix have worked with the platform since its conception, and today we are among the most certified Magento Professional Solution Partners. The secret to our success is contribution, one of the pillars of our culture. Atwix engineers delivered more improvements and bug fixes to the Magento platform than any other agency in the world during 2018-2023. We are constantly pursuing the latest certifications and investing in the biggest talent in eCommerce – Atwix CTO Yaroslav Rogoza and Dmytro Cheshun, Tech Lead at Atwix are Magento Masters.

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