User Experience Optimization

There are quite a few UX principles that are common for any eCommerce website, however, we strongly believe that each business is unique, and maximizing its online output is only possible with precise targeting. Our process usually consists of 4 major steps.
Each step is done in close collaboration with you, making sure the result is perfectly tailored to your specific case

  • Define Personas
    We set out typical users of the website based on their shared critical tasks. This helps focus on target audience and optimize the website for them, using their needs, searching behaviors and heat maps.
  • Analyze UX Data
    During this step our team will evaluate their current behavior. We’ll look at behavioral data provided by website analysis tools (e.g. Google Analytics) and evaluate it in terms of how the defined personas accomplish their critical tasks.
  • Test usability and UX
    Once we collected enough data, we’d conduct thorough testing, in order to summarize the reasons for behavioral patterns uncovered during the previous step.
  • Analyze results
    As soon as we have all the required pieces, we combine the behavioral data with the results of usability and UX testing, focusing on undesired behaviors. Based on that, our design team determines the ways to improve these behaviors.