Speedy Wine Store is an open platform, on-line alcoholic beverage store based in Stockholm. Speedy Wine’s aim is to simplify the order process for alcohol retail license holders (restaurants, bars, hotels, clubs, event organizers) and deliver their orders to in the shortest possible time. Speedy Wine’s motto is: “Simple, fast, delivered!!!”.

“Our online web shop runs on the Magento platform. There were a few challenges with the website functionality when we first started, and it was not very easy to get appropriate help. The Atwix team have been an essential part of providing the functionality we needed and have been very helpful in solving all of our challenges. The best part of working with Atwix is the communication. They are very professional, thorough, and keep up with you all the way from the start to end of each project. They really make it easy – even for those of us who do not know all the technical terms
I recommend Atwix to anyone using the Magento platform. They are a great partner to have by your side.
To put it simply, we could not have done it without Atwix.” – King Ndah, Owner
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