Fully Loaded: How Atwix Hit the Target for PrepperGunShop.com

The online gun store needed a Magento upgrade with real firepower.

In Grand Forks, North Dakota, two gun enthusiast business owners set out with the goal to build a serious and respected specialty firearms store, to serve the needs of those who wish to enact their US second amendment right. In 2013, the owners of Roughrider Arms LLC created the Prepper Gun Shop, an online firearms store. They wanted to make it easy and affordable for responsible citizens to purchase firearms. The company explained, “We want to open people’s eyes to the current state of the world and encourage you to be a responsible citizen in regards to preparedness.”


Launching a successful eCommerce store was at the heart of their mission. In 2018 they teamed up with Atwix, asking for help in developing a full-service webstore, and upgrading to Magento Commerce 2. Today, Preppergunshop.com offers everything from rifles to handguns, truck guns, and even flame throwers (left and right handed, of course). “We believe a serious gun owner should give careful consideration as to whether or not they own an arsenal that is well-rounded enough,” the owners added. The website displays the latest, cutting-edge firearms and rewards their best customers with special offers and deep discounts.

The company has completed the migration of their B2C site from Magento to Magento 2, with Atwix behind the wheel.

We couldn’t have asked for a smoother transition from our previous U.S.-based team to Atwix. Their vast Magento knowledge allowed the team to get up to speed quickly, and start providing suggestions for improvement. We’ve been very impressed by the detail and speed from project management to development and would highly recommend them.

Kevin Weber,

COO of Roughrider Arms LLC.

Preparation for the migration project began in February 2020, then in March the two teams began work on the UX and site design. Atwix was on hand to install TaxJar, while supporting the brand as they resolved various eCommerce issues. Currently, the dev team is at work supporting the website and developing new features and building integrations to support all business needs of the client.

That is not to say firearms related websites are not complex. Atwix is building a specific shipping module based on the Prepper Gun Shop’s requirements. This includes an FFL Locator to ensure the site adheres to the US government’s strict legislation on where firearms may be bought, sold, and shipped. “We’ve also added a couple of new custom fields to the checkout based on the customer’s needs,” said Victoria Yashchuk, Project Manager at Atwix. “Our team has proudly prepared a new design based on the latest UX best practices for Magento Commerce 2.”

All gun owners know that their firearms require careful maintenance, so does the PrepperGunShop.com webstore. Atwix conducts monthly health checks to make sure the site never jams up. “We’re constantly checking for new solutions and always providing different alternatives for the client to choose from,” said Victoria. This is complemented by regular upgrades to the latest versions of Magento. As America’s fierce demand for firearms continues, PrepperGunShop.com is quickly becoming the place to find affordable guns and bargains. Atwix was happy to help their website relaunch go off with a bang!

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