How Atwix put MeasureUp’s Site to the Test

In September of 2020, MeasureUp decided to improve their eCommerce website.

The IT testing and certification company discovered that its pages were taking too long to load, and their customers were complaining. They wanted to make their web store faster and hoped to improve their conversion rates. Having dominated the assessment business for over twenty years, MeasureUp knew it was time to run some tests.


Atwix had all the answers

Established in 1997, MeasureUp provides high-quality assessments and certification for IT students and professionals. Their practice tests have been recognized for their innovative use of simulation question types, comprehensive explanations, coverage of exam objectives, multiple delivery modes, and in-depth reporting. You can buy and instantly download tests on, including certifications for AWS, Ciscom, and Google skills. It’s also the only place to find Microsoft’s Technical Official Practice Tests. As a traditional B2C eCommerce site, buyers simply drop a product into their shopping cart and check out.


MeasureUp tried to figure out how to improve their performance by looking at data from Google Analytics, Power BI, and IT reports. “We identified the main KPIs as page load speed and conversion rate,” they said. But who could they turn to for expert help? In the past, Measureup had disappointing experiences with other agencies who specialize in Magento-powered eCommerce. But one agency, Atwix, had unparalleled feedback in the industry. “We were attracted by their professionalism,” they said. 

A detailed diagnosis

Atwix started working with the MeasureUp team on October 1, 2020. Within a matter of days Atwix experts were busy conducting an Advanced Performance Audit on MeasureUp’s site. Certifications are also important to Atwix: In 2019, Atwix CTO Yaroslav Rogoza and Tech Lead Dmytro Cheshun both became Magento Masters. The agency is currently the world’s most certified Magento Professional Solution Partner. “Atwix identified action items to improve our website,” MeasureUp said. A detailed report quickly followed, including recommendations for performance enhancements and code improvements.


MeasureUp wanted to waste no time. Atwix started with a series of fixes designed to optimize MeasureUp’s mobile and desktop sites. These included adding preload requests, adjusting render blocking content, enabling minification of HTML, updating expiration headers, and removing outdated logs. Think of this as a tune-up for a high-powered car—just one week later the engine that powers MeasureUp was roaring.

Thank you to the Atwix team for the best Adobe Commerce deployment. Performance indicators are getting better and better every day.

Beni Castellanos

Former CTO, MeasureUp, Pedagoo, and Media Interactiva

MeasureUp passed with flying colors.

Positive results flowed in immediately. Performance on the mobile homepage increased by 11%. Overall mobile performance rose by 15%. Visitors to the desktop site experienced faster load times too. Atwix improved the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) time on the site’s product page, loading above the fold content 2.2 seconds faster than it did before. Atwix also reduced the amount of time it takes for the product page to become fully interactive by nearly 3 seconds. In an industry that measures in milliseconds, this was a giant leap for user experience.

A second round of improvements in January of 2021 made the site even faster. On the desktop homepage, Time to Interactive scores improved by 64%.[1] Most importantly, customer complaints and support tickets dropped significantly. 


Yet MeasureUp is far from finished. “We expect to continue improving the performance of the website,” they said, adding that they’re making efforts to enhance their B2B presence. Conversion rates can always be improved, and their next task is to reduce cart abandonment. But for now, Atwix and MeasureUp will keep on testing.

[1] 12810 ms in Oct 20, to 5627 in Jan 21 per MSRP_LIVE

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