Models in Magento

Working with data in Magento is based on three principles: models, resource models and collections. There are different ways and methods to do same thing and we would like to shed some light on the differences.

Grid filter for columns with complex values

In previous articles we told you how to operate with columns in adminhtml grids. Usually the process is quite fast, for example, if you want to add simple column from the database. But sometimes you need to add a column with complex value, processed by renderer. You say: “it’s not a big deal to use renderers…” Right, until you face with sort and filter..

Meet Magento Poland 2012. Our experience.

Last weekend was highlighted by a first Meet Magento event in Poland and four of our Atwix team ninjas were sent there. Here is our report from the field…

Email sending feature in the custom module

In our new article we would like to discuss how to make your own sending email feature for the module. Pretty often we need to have ability that allows us to notify customers or admins about some events, so it’s very important part of the module development. Moreover, as you may notice Magento has native email functionality which makes developer’s life simpler.

View product button on the product edit page in Magento admin

Hello dear friends. While working with Magento, many of you may have noticed that, when you manage products in the admin you need to see how the product looks on the frontend. Of course, you can open a new page, then open frontend search or write direct url address to this product page, as Magento does not have the button or direct link from the admin page to the frontend product page, but it is not very simple way. Let’s create module with this feature.

Adding a button to the system configuration of Magento

If you recently started to learn Magento and presently develop own Magento extensions, one day you will face with Admin’s System Configuration section. This is a place where you can store some settings for your module. There are many tutorials on the web, explaining how to set up different form elements in System Configuration. This article shows how to add a button.