Orbit the Client

The (not-so) secret of agency success

It’s no secret in consulting that agency success is directly proportional to client success.

Meaning, a high-touch boutique agency, like Atwix, realizes value for ourselves only as a function of realizing value, first, for our client.

While this equation – “client success drives agency success” – is not really a secret, Atwix does utilize an approach which is certainly rare among eCommerce agencies.

The Atwix Offsite - Kemer Turkey

They say, “the greater the distance – the lesser the force of attraction.” (Sir Isaac Newton, I beg your pardon).  And here at Atwix, we used to have a pretty reliable formula for keeping remote teams “close.”

Each year – at least once a year – all Atwixers come together in one travel destination for a weekend of in-person connection, relaxation, and team-building. Welcome to the Atwix offsite.

Prepare a retrospective meeting

A retrospective meeting is an important part of the Agile Software Development. It does not matter whether your team uses Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall etc., or has no formalized management framework at all. It also doesn’t matter whether you have a formalized development sprint or not. What really important is to analyze your team’s progress, successes and mistakes, and then develop the team based on that information. The place and time for that is a retrospective meeting. Let’s find out how to prepare an awesome retrospective meeting.