Top-tier websites always invest a significant effort and resources into building reliable reviews and rating system. Think Google, Facebook, or Bing - internet-changing companies who build trust with the feedback from their community, all in a partnership with Feefo.

Feefo is the leading service for managing reviews and product ratings. The team behind builds unrivaled solutions for B2C and B2B businesses in eCommerce who seek to empower voices of their stores. Our team at Atwix has been trusted to develop new extensions for Magento 2 to allow the platform to provide insights into the best products out there.


Developed Feefo module from scratch compatible with Magento Enterprise and Community editions.

Built Feefo support of multi-store integration for Magento 2.

Customized and made Feefo more flexible to place a widget across the website.

Expanded the features of extension and added the ability to install Feefo on multiple stores within one Magento instance.

Atwix team provides ongoing technical support for the extension.

About Feefo

Collecting statistics

Feefo is a UK based company specialized in collecting reviews for the e-commerce websites. Thousands of brands, like Expedia, AXA, or Next trust Feefo to independently collect reviews from their customers. Feefo makes customers better informed about their buying decisions with authentic reviews matched to transactions, while businesses benefit from trustworthy customer insights, along with the tools to increase traffic, footfall, and sales. More than 4,000 industry leaders have come to rely on the power of the Feefo platform to connect with their customers, drive business to their website and gain real, actionable insights.


One of the key milestones to achieve was a need in a reliable multi-store support and flexibility of module placement on a website. In addition, both Feefo and Magento had to keep data integrity for both parties. Teaming up with Feefo could help deliver the exceptional customer review experience to Magento. For both Magento users and their customers, it would bring more traffic, sales, and credibility all-around.


As a Magento 2 Trained Solution Partner, we were excited to share our expertise and work alongside with Feefo.

We’ve developed the Feefo module from scratch, compatible with Magento Enterprise and Community editions. The Magento plugin helped merchants in a couple of clicks seamlessly integrate Feefo at their Magento websites.

One of the main tasks was to provide the functionality for keeping both sides (Magento and Feefo) updated with all the actual data. Furthermore, such key features have been implemented:

  • Configuration form in the System Configuration section of admin panel that gives the merchant an ability to register and configure the module directly from the store;
  • JavaScript snippet for Service Rating Widget on all pages;
  • The product stars count widget in the “Add to Cart” section;
  • Additional tab on the product view page called “Feefo Reviews” with listed Feefo reviews for the current product;
  • Product listing stars widget that is added to the product listing page;
  • Ability to place the widgets on the custom places;

Our team built a flexible multi-store module which kept the integrity of data for both Feefo and Magento. As Feefo has all reviews verified by Google or Facebook, coherency was a critical feature to ensure works perfectly. As soon as the extension was finished, we made sure that the verification process at Magento Marketplace goes smoothly.


The partnership with Feefo helped us bring more solutions to clients, who build eCommerce around feedback about products. Our team did meticulous development, unit, and acceptance testing to ensure that even the most complex use cases of data exchange can function perfectly for both parties. The extension was tested manually for compatibility with all popular web browsers. Magento Merchants have already started using the extension and have shared positive feedback about Feefo performance and engagement.

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