Where to learn about Magento

Magento is a great eCommerce platform to work with. Many solutions are available out of the box, ready for you to use them and grow your brand online. Your Magento solution partner will always help you develop the best-in-class online store, but there is basic knowledge you should acquire when managing a Magento store – from knowing how to use the admin panel to doing little Magento 2 SEO tweaks and security checks.

While Magento is very intuitive and user friendly, you’ll probably end up searching for specific guides and use cases. You might feel overwhelmed with the numerous How-To’s and tutorials that have been generated by the Magento community since the first release of the platform on March 31, 2008. In this very blog we have accumulated over 200 posts about Magento. This is why we came up with the following reference of the trusted resources that you can use. This may help you learn more general information about the platform, best security practices, tips on hosting and optimizing your store – all to make your business grow.

General Magento knowledge

Official Magento resources

The best place to start is the official Magento resources Library . Here you can find out the best use cases on order management, customer experience, marketing, etc. You will find useful info on both Magento 1 and Magento 2 from the professionals, who work with eCommerce on a daily basis.


You can find detailed instructions about working with Magento platform in the official user guides. These include detailed overviews of a store structure and step-by-step tutorials on how to work with the Magento admin with screenshots and examples.

It is also worth completing the Magento training courses. These will give you a complete understanding of the platform with great demos and tutorials – instructor-led or online on demand courses. Don’t miss the opportunity to complete Magento-2 courses on demand, which are free of charge till March 31, 2017.

There is also a YouTube channel with great Magento videos. Moreover, you can sign up for webinars designed to help you learn Magento and eCommerce.

Community contributions

  • Atwix Blog – starting from 2011 we have created more than 200 posts on Magento development, best eCommerce practices and optimization tips. Subscribe to our newsletter and never miss a post.
  • Inchoo’s Blog – a great resource on Magento, from technical advices to store management tips.
  • Firebear Studio Blog – many reviews of Magento extensions, information on how to implement new features in Magento store – both using its native logic and third-party solutions.

Magento hosting

A rule of thumb here is to choose optimized hosting for Magento. This will ensure that you have correct settings required for Magento, which will result in better performance of your store and additional protection from vulnerabilities.

Choosing a hosting company may be time-consuming, but very important. More details on how to choose a hosting company and the most important characteristics to consider are covered here.

Magento security

Start with the Magento security center. Here you will find advices on what patches should be applied to your store and how to protect it by following the best security practices.


You can also do a quick security level self-check with MageReport. Find the weak places on your website that should be fixed. Sign up for their newsletter to receive more updates about various vulnerabilities and keep your store protected.

Check out Talesh Seeparsan’s blog – a great source of information about Magento and eCommerce security.

Magento extensions

The first stop for searching extensions is the Magento Marketplace. A strict review process and customer reviews will ensure that you get the best selected extensions from the Magento community to extend and grow your website functionality.

See Extensions by Atwix on Magento Marketplace.

Read also: Proper installation of Magento extenstions

High quality extension providers you should also consider:

Go to Amasty, aheadWorks and Fooman for high quality extensions developed following the Magento best practices. Each extension will have a detailed installation guide to ensure simple installation process. The companies also provide high quality support in case you have additional questions.

Magento events

The power of the Magento community is impressive. While there are a lot of online resources for you to check out, come meet the community members face-to-face. There are many events on Magento and eCommerce that you should consider participating in. Get a glimpse of the past events and talks on the Magento channel.

Without any doubt the main event in the community is the Magento Imagine. Each year it gathers thousands of merchants and solution partners to share knowledge, most recent innovations, and to network. Atwix has been at Imagine from the very first event. This year we are proud to sponsor it, which means – come talk to us at our booth.

If you can’t make it to Las Vegas for Magento Imagine or need some extra networking opportunities, visit numerous Meet Magentos around the world, organized by the Meet Magento Association.

Keep learning Magento and make your store great. We will be here to share our knowledge and help you do better.

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