Atwix developed an extension to help DPD take a more personal approach to parcel delivery for Magento merchants.


Many brands care about smooth user experience, which includes fast and convenient shipment. DPD takes care of parcel delivery, while Atwix needed to create an extension to help merchants easily start using DPD services and allow DPD customers to:

  1. Access custom shipment solutions integrated into online sales processes.
  2. Follow up and manage shipments directly from Magento admin.


Atwix has developed an extension, which gives a merchant full control over shipments and access to all opportunities that DPD offers to ensure fast and cost-effective delivery. The extension gives access from Magento admin:

  • To configure DPD Shipping Methods management;
  • To control DPD Zones management;
  • To set up Pricing Rules management;
  • To manage DPD shipments.

About DPD


With the ambition to be the best delivery partner to work with, DPD ships more than 4.8 million parcels per day across Europe. With intension to build relationships along the way, DPD cares about customer experience and constantly ups their game with simple solutions for delivering goods.

Overview of services

Extension development for Mageno 1 and Magento 2.

Ensured compatibility across browsers, devices and Magento versions.

Full control of shipments from Magento admin.

Continuous support and extension updates.

Platforms and technologies

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