With greater good in mind Coyuchi is committed to highest possible standards in products and processes. Atwix helps Coyuchi make their vision a reality.


Configuration of analytics to collect additional eCommerce data.

After conducting a performance audit we could make the store faster and more reliable to ensure big loads during sales seasons and in between.

Designed specific pages and styles with further implementation.

Improved conversion rates by implementing product up-sells.

Implemented solutions to improve cache and overall speed optimization of the store.

Front-end and back-end development that improved customer experience, which includes checkout and RMA improvement.

Ongoing health check to ensure store security and performance.

About Coyuchi

Home textile

For 25 years Coyuchi is driven by sustainability and treasuring what mother nature provides us with to produce best-quality home textile. Aiming to eliminate 10 million tons of textile waste they have introduced a unique subscription program Coyuchi For Life, which brings together savings for customers and care of the environment. Committed to humane production Coyuchi builds long-term partnership with carefully selected companies to ensure transparency and collaboration.


Coyuchi has been looking to enhance a development team to ensure quick development and implementation of eCommerce goals. They have just migrated to Magento 2 and have been moving quickly with developing new and better customer experience. With the growth of the brand they needed to make sure that the store speed met customer growing needs and provided smooth experience even during high seasons

  1. Improve website performance and speed.
  2. Redesign pages for better user experience.
  3. Optimize B2B with Magento 2.


We first approached the store by doing a performance and security audit to pinpoint the best possible ways to ensure high speed and reliability. Then by implementing cache and backend improvements we achieved better results with front-end and back-end. Using the available technologies and some custom tweaks we were able to increase sales and better user experience when shopping with Coyuchi.

  • Performance improvement.
  • SLI implementation for search.
  • Analytics enhancements.


The year 2018 has brought a good test during an incident-free Black Friday, which showed a big increase in sales and conversion rate. The store continues to run smoothly no matter of the data load and number of orders, which helps grow the brand and meet future ambitious goals.


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