For the last 27 years, Coyuchi has been designing top-quality organic home textile products. And in the period of a rapid growth, teaming up with Atwix helped Coyuchi maximize mobile and sales conversions as well as ensure high-load stability even during Black Friday sales.


Conducted a performance audit that identified and helped improve load speeds and website reliability during sales seasons;

Improved conversion rates by implementing product recommendations, resulting in increased upsells;

Implemented solutions to improve cache and overall speed optimization of the store;

Set up Google analytics and tag manager, as well as Facebook and Pinterest Pixel enabling to collect additional eCommerce data;

Customized front-end and back-end return merchandise authorization module (RMA) that allowed additional checkout, return, and refund functionality;

Deployed continuous system health check to ensure store security and performance;

Redesigned several key pages and polished styles;

About Coyuchi

Home textile

For nearly three decades Coyuchi was carefully crafting home fabrics while treasuring use of natural resources. Nowadays, the team aims to eliminate 10 million tons of textile waste with Coyuchi For Life – a subscription business model which allows customers renew, reuse, and return old textiles for recycling on the monthly basis.

The mission to preserve sustainability in business was crucial. Eventually, Coyuchi grew a reliable network of dedicated partner organizations which support recycle processes allowing Coyuchi focus on their business goals.


Growth came fast, and Coyuchi needed to address skyrocketing business challenges. Migration to Magento 2 helped to upscale business potential and understand that there was still a space to improve customers’ experience. The website reliability in shopping seasons – like Christmas or Black Friday – speed, and customer experience became those strategic areas that must have been redesigned.


Our team has instantly identified a remarkable potential for boosting performance and increasing the stability of the store. We saw an opportunity to improve the sales process and high-load stability of the website that could have influence conversion rates.

Atwix executed performance and security audit which helped to identify several critical areas. Here are just some of the functionality improved:

  • Added a new cron job to clean the log table, which was too heavy.
  • Fixed Varnish configurations. Just by doing that, the average time decreased: Before: ~600-700 ms., After: ~180-200 ms.
  • Enabled JS bundling and HTML minimization.
  • Created a cache warmer that goes through the cacheable webpages and warms up full page cache.
  • Implementing image optimization and weekly relic review

Eventually, Coyuchi has reported a significant boost in pages loading speed and overall website experience. The improvements helped to decrease bounce rates, while increasing customer loyalty. Now the website has more returning clients and enjoys increased conversion rates.


The sale of Black Friday was a benchmark for the updated system and Coyuchi handled it effortlessly. Not only the website has seen no performance issues under high load whatsoever, but it also helped to display more relevant products to customers that impacted the record sales revenue during the season.

Today, Coyuchi continues to run smoothly, no matter how high is the data load and amount of orders. Coyuchi grows as a brand, nurtures loyalty of its customers, and is already setting new ambitious business goals.


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