Atwix opens its Chicago office

Proximity has always been at the core of our Atwix culture. Of course, as a digital business building digital experiences for our clients worldwide, we have always focused on digital proximity—working very closely with our clients, partners, and community, being available and approachable.

However, you can’t take the physical aspect of proximity out of the equation. The COVID-19 crisis is just another reminder about that. It is something that is deeply rooted in us, human beings, and helps us better understand and influence each other. 

It is precisely for that reason each year I was spending weeks, if not months, traveling to the US, visiting clients and attending events. I knew it was a question of when, not if, we would plant a permanent flag in the US, where many of our merchants operate. Ultimately, it came down to timing and meeting the right person to help me and our leadership team launch Atwix forward. 

Over the past few months, I retained Josh Berman to help Atwix form a US entity. It became obvious during that consulting period and from my prior experience working with Josh, that he embodies both kinds of proximities I was looking for – a cultural proximity with Atwix and physical and professional proximity to our US market, where we transact a large portion of our business.

In the role of Managing Director perched at the top of The Franklin Building in downtown Chicago, Josh will represent Atwix and all that we stand for, partnering with me on sales, marketing, partnerships and ultimately customer success. 

I’m very excited about this new chapter for Atwix and invite you to visit our new office and connect directly with Josh as well.