What to expect from Imagine 2018?

When thinking of this post, I thought it would be just like any other year: new releases, networking, keynotes and the biggest Magento event of the year. Right? Not exactly!

Although everything written above is true, this year’s Magento Imagine is something very special. Here is why.

Magento PWA and Headless

PWA is everywhere and it is coming to Magento too! Did you see the new Chrome notifications on macOS, which look the same as on the native app? Yes, this is amazing, and now imagine what we can do with all that tech and how we can boost our Magento eCommerce shops with it. Magento will be talking about that at Imagine this year and you should join the conversation.

But Magento PWA is not the only thing that’s going to change Magento in the nearest future. There are already few Headless Magento builds out there, and even more are coming.

Community projects

With no doubt, this year is the year of Community Engineering! The team led by Max Yekaterynenko and other community members not only delivered an incredible number of pull requests and made a great contribution to fix and improve existing Magento functionality, but also guys are on their way to deliver one of the most complex projects to the Magento 2 core — Magento 2 MSI (Multi Source Inventory). The project was planned, designed and developed from scratch by our amazing community.

International speakers

This year, as never before, Magento Imagine will be a place where eCommerce experts from all over the world talk about their experience. Among many others, you’ll have a chance to hear Rebecca Brocton, Tadhg Bowe, Tom Karwatka, Jisse Reitsma, Alessandro Ronchi and Jamie Maria sharing their experience.

We are also proud to see our own Slava Kravchuk presenting with Kim Tercero (Coyuchi.com) on the eCommerce experience we are building together.

Master of Ceremonies

This year Phillip Jackson will be leading the event! For those of you who do not know Phillip, he is a co-host of MageTalk and FutureCommerce podcasts, eCommerce evangelist at Something Digital, and one of the greatest folks in the community. What else can I say — great taste, Magento!

What else?

There is so much more to come for us to check out at Magento Imagine 2018. New Magento BI features, Integration with Amazon feed, new B2B functionality, BlueFoot CMS is on its way back! Magento 2.3 is coming! You will aslo be able to get Magento U certifications and Magento training with up to 50% off. And, of course, numerous parties and meetups will take place as they do every year.

Atwix will also be sponsoring the event this year and we will be there for you to share the excitement and help, should you need any advice.

See you soon and stay tuned for more news and updates about #MagentoImagine

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