Tips for first-timers at Imagine

Imagine 2017 is just 20 days away and most of the attendees have already planned their trip to the conference. But if it is your very first Magento event, there are some useful things to consider. We’ve gathered some recommendations that proved to be good for Atwix each and every Imagine since 2011.

1. Plan ahead

Preparation is everything. Schedule your meetings in advance (schedule a meeting with Atwix team), create a list of breakout session to attend, and register for unofficial events around the conference, like MageHackathon, Big Dam Run and #Pre-Imagine. Usually a number of great pre-parties and receptions are happening before and during the conference, so follow the news and make sure to not miss a thing.

2. Take care of your accommodation.

You can choose to stay at the Wynn hotel, where the event takes place. This will help you save time on getting to and from the event. Or you can pick an alternative location at a lower price. Here are some of the venues popular among the attendees:

3. Dress smart

Recommended dress code is business casual, but you won’t stand out wearing a pair of jeans with a t-shirt and sneakers. You may actually consider putting on something to stand out, which makes networking easier. Just make sure that your clothes and, especially footwear, is comfortable enough – chances are that you’ll be on your feet from early mornings to late nights. In case you do get a little hurt, come over to us and we will patch you up with a useful swag.

Temperature-wise it’s pretty warm at daytime, but could get relatively chilly at nights. There’s no specific dress code for the evening events, but you’re more than welcome to dress up fancy for the parties.

4. Stay hydrated

Las Vegas is located in the middle of the Mojave Desert and the air is quite dry, so remember to keep yourself hydrated at all times. This will help you keep up your energy high and nothing will stand in your way to enjoy the event to its fullest. You will also not regret taking a lip balm with you, or pick up one at the Sponsor Marketplace (I usually get mine at the Nexcess booth).

5. Get ready to chat a lot

Imagine is not just another business conference. Moreover, Magento community is probably one of the most open and friendly ones. Don’t hesitate to talk to strangers wearing conference badges, make new friends, and have a good time together. Doing business can be fun too!

We wish you a great Imagine and looking forward to seeing you at our booth!