Meet Magento Russia 2013. Atwix experience.

Last weekend was remarkable for the Magento community worldwide, as on 24th of August (by coincidence, the Independence Day of Ukraine :)), the first Meet Magento Russia took place in Moscow. Atwix was sponsoring the event and had its own descent there, so let us share our experience.

We have arrived to the Domodedovo airport of Moscow on Friday, 23rd and got a whole day to explore the historical center, starting from the Red Square, which turned out to be not as big as we have imagined. However, it was very nice to walk around Kremlin, wander inside of the famous Saint Basil’s Cathedral, say hi to the Stalin and Lenin clones, visit a very modern GUM (shopping mall that origins from XIX-th century and used to be one of the main shopping malls of the Soviet Union). Afterwards, we have explored the city further towards Kitay Gorod and walked along the famous Arbat street, that is over 500 years old. At the evening, after the speakers and sponsors kick-off meeting, I’ve got a chance to drive around and see the new Moscow City district, that is still being developed with the modern skyscrapers.

Overall, Moscow caused a great impression on all of us with its wide streets, perfect quality of roads, spacious quarters and a unique spirit of a Soviet legacy mixed with the Modern development. There are just a few cities in a world with such an interesting mix, and certainly Moscow is the biggest one.

On Saturday, the conference started around 10 AM with an opening speech of Thomas Fleck from Netresearch. He has made a great effort to prepare his presentation in Russian and caused a very good impression. Thomas has announced the launch of the localised Russian edition of Magento Extension, it is now available in the NR App Factory Store for free.

During the day we’ve had a chance to hear more talks given by speakers from Turnkey Ecommerce, aheadWorks, Amasty, CyberHull, TagesJump, Atalan, Magento and, of course, Atwix. Our Head of Development, Yaroslav Rogoza prepared his presentation about the “Progressive JPEG” method of Magento projects development and it has been well received.

We would like to thank the hosts of the first Meet Magento Russia conference, Turnkey Ecommerce company for this great event. There were a lot of interesting questions and discussions with speakers, which is a sign of high level of speakers invited and a high quality of the audience.

We will look forward towards the Meet Magento Russia 2014 and also quite excited about the Meet Magento Poland 2013 in Warsaw that is going to happen early in November.

Check out the pictures from Meet Magento Russia 2013 in our Facebook Album