Magento Imagine 2019 predictions and expectations

Magento Imagine is the biggest event in Magento ecosystem gathering merchants, developers, solution partners, and system integrators from around the globe to share the latest news and trends and see what Magento and commerce in general, have in store for the year to come. Imagine 2019 will traditionally take place at the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas on May 13-15th.

Atwix team have attended every single Magento Imagine and we are proud to be a Gold sponsor of Imagine 2019 – this will be the third year in a row sponsoring the event. Should you want some nostalgia, go ahead and check our predictions for Imagine 2018.

In this article, we again try to foresee what is ahead for Magento and our community in 2019.

Magento Association

During the last couple of years working closely with the community and increasing its growth has been a strong priority for Magento. Started and succeeded with the new approach to develop its Open Source projects, Magento steps further ahead and initiates the creation of the Magento Association. Having its mission in advancing and empowering the global Magento community and commerce ecosystem through open collaboration, education, and thought leadership, the organization will play an important role for our community.

Magento Association will be present at the Imagine 2019 and will shed some light on its next steps to fulfill its mission statement as well as on how each of us can participate and contribute back to the community.

Find their booth on the Imagine Marketplace and initiate a conversation.

Product roadmap

Adobe Commerce Cloud

First announced at Adobe Summit 2019, Adobe Commerce Cloud bundles Magento Commerce with Adobe Experience Cloud products like Advertising, Analytics, Target and even AI platform — Adobe Sensei, enabling enterprises’ growth and development. The product is very new and we are thrilled to hear more about the exact features that made their way into the Adobe Commerce Cloud as well as the integration details.

Magento Commerce Cloud

With the Adobe Commerce Cloud now being at the very top of Adobe’s commerce product line, Magento Commerce Cloud may also get some new features and Adobe integrations. We also may see updated plans for Magento Commerce Cloud, which the clients making a decision to move from Magento Open Source or Magento Commerce on-premise solution to the cloud find the most interesting.

Magento Commerce on-premise product roadmap

With the rise of Adobe Commerce Cloud and Magento Commerce Cloud, will we hear about on-premise solution’s end of life? I would say it may happen, but it also could be that the option will still be available for a while, at least for existing merchants, as Magento has a strong hosting ecosystem that also wants some of the Commerce (read enterprise) clients and the on-premise solution is the only option to get there. We will see what Adobe has to say, but I would not expect any radical moves there.

Magento Commerce 2.3.2 features

Magento Commerce 2.3.1 has recently landed featuring the new release of Magento PWA Studio and the long-awaited Page Builder. What should we expect from the upcoming 2.3.2 release? We will hear more about that at Imagine 2019, but Magento Payments, new Magento PWA Studio release, and PWA-enabled Page Builder, as well as new B2B features, are huge and could make their way into the 2.3.2 release.

On the Open Source side of things, we may also expect some new projects like improved search, but let’s see what Magento Community Engineering team has for us at this Imagine.

Meet you at Imagine 2019

We are looking forward to seeing all of you at Imagine this year. 2018 was an exciting year for Atwix. We became the number one contributor to Magento. You can learn more about this on Atwix and Magento blogs. We will be happy to share with you how it was and what we learned as well as hear from you about your challenges and accomplishments in 2018 and plans for 2019. Share your journey to Imagine 2019 using #RoadToImagine. Will see you soon!