Magento Imagine 2016 Infographic

We all have heard of the Magento Imagine conference. If Magento is anyhow related to your life or business, this is the event you can’t miss.

This year, Magento Imagine gathered over 2200 attendees from all around the world and delivered some awesome content. We were there and have prepared this infographic for all of you who couldn’t enjoy the event or enjoyed it so much that you would love to recap what happened.

Text transcription is available below.

Key Announcements:

  • Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition
  • Magento Marketplace
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Magento B2B package is coming
  • Magento 1.x supported until the end of 2018 (3 years after Magento 2.0 release)

Magento Key Stats:

  • $50B Annual Commerce Value on Magento
  • #1 Platform in B2B and B2C according to IR
  • 250K Merchants
  • 3100 Enterprise Customers
  • 300 Top-Tier Solution & Technology Partners
  • 1000+ Solution Implementers
  • 125K Developers
  • 5900+ Certified Developers

Magento 2 Facts:

  • 228K+ Magento 2 Downloads
  • 800 Magento 2 Stores Live
  • 105+ Magento 2.0 Trained Partners

Enterprise at Scale:

  • Magento 2 delivers 117% more orders per hour than prior versions
  • Faster Response times in Browsing and Checkout
  • A New Standard for Performance & Scalability

Premier Technology Partnerships Announced:

  • PayPal
  • dotmailer
  • Celebros
  • Fastly
  • New Relic
  • TaxJar*
  • Temando

*Free Tax Calculations for All Magento Merchants (CE and EE)!

Magento Marketplace:

  • 155 Extensions available
  • 405 Extensions listed as available on Magento Connect
  • 196 Extensions coming soon
  • 50+ Extension vendors

Magento ECE:

  • Key Features: Rapid Deployment, Fully Customizable, Secure, Scalable, All in One
    Fastly CDN and DDoS Protection
  • Unrestricted New Relic APM Pro and Enterprise
  • Triple Redundant, Dedicated AWS Production Environment
  • 24×7 Monitoring, Application and Infrastructure Support
  • Available from May 1st
  • Pricing on request

Magento Commerce Order Management:

  • Complete omnichannel fulfilment system
  • Foundation for complementary solutions built by partners
  • Fraport as one of the first success stories

Magento 2 Trainings Available:

  • Magento training: Fundamentals of Magento 2.0
  • Magento training: Core Principles of Theming in Magento 2.0
  • Magento training: Managing Your Magento 2.0 Store (in FR and EN languages)
  • Magento training: Requirements Gathering for your Magento 2.0 Implementation
  • Magento training: Responsive Web Design for Magento 2.0
  • Magento training: Managing Your Magento 2 – Enterprise Edition

What’s coming in Magento 2.1:

Staging & Preview

  • Get Previews of Changes to Products, Categories, Content, Promotions, Pricing and Themes
  • View Updates by Date and Campaign
  • Manage Changes with a Comprehensive Timeline
  • Automatically Put Updates Into Production

New Site Search

  • Improve Search Quality
  • Better Buyer Experience with Background Re-Indexing and Horizontal Scaling
  • Flexible Technology that can be Used for Real-Time Reporting, Personalization and Performance Optimization
  • Get Started with 33 Languages Out-of-the-Box

In-Context Checkout & PCI Compliance

  • Checkout without Shopper Leaving Your Site (PayPal)
  • Securely Stored Credit Cards Support (PayPal)
  • Simplify PCI Compliance

Code migration tool
Coming up in June 2016!

What’s coming in further Magento releases:

  • Enhanced Content Management System
  • New Promotion Types
  • Expanded Reports & Analytics

Magento B2B module available in Q3 2016:

  • Account Management with Permissions
  • Custom Catalogs
  • Custom Pricing
  • Quoting
  • Repeat Ordering

Amazing Community Initiatives:

  • #MageHackathon
  • #BigDamRun
  • #PreImagine
  • #RoadToImagine

Magento Masters Recognized:

    • Alexander Galtsow
    • Anna Völkl
    • Antonio Carboni
    • Brent Peterson
    • David Alger
    • David Manners
    • Fabrizio Branca
    • Hirokazu Nishi
    • James Cowie
    • James Lee
    • Joshua Warren
    • Kristof Ringleff
    • Kuba Zwolinski
    • Marius Străjeru
    • Mathew Beane
    • Miguel Balparda
    • Mukesh Tiwari
    • Phillip Jackson
    • Sander Mangel
    • Vinai Kopp

New Buzzword – Trailblazer

Magento Imagine 2017 Dates: 3-5 April 2017

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