Magento Imagine 2013 Presentations – Technology Track

Magento Imagine 2013 is in the past, and we all are looking forward to the next event now. However, it is always good to recap all the knowledge we’ve gained there. For this purpose we’ve decided to collect all of the presentations and videos together to bring them up for your enjoyment.

We will be publishing all of the presentations, and start from the Technology Track today:

1. Learning To Fly: How Angry Birds Reached the Heights of Store Performance by Fabrizio Branca:

2. Data Isolation and Merchandizing in a Single Magento Instance by Vitaliy Golomoziy and Anton Kaplya

3. Happy Together: Creating Successful Magento ERP Integrations by David Alger

4. The Future of Magento Extensibility by Christopher O’Toole

5. The Importance of Fully Managed Hosting for Magento Enterprise by Greg Strelzoff

6. Host and Boast: Best Practices for Magento Hosting by Chris Wells

7. Mobile First: Responsive Design for eCommerce by Brendan Falkowski

Magento Imagine 2013 Technology Track
Magento Imagine 2013 Business Track
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