Magento Imagine 2013 Presentations – Marketing Track

We continue our series of posts with presentations from Magento Imagine 2013. After Technology and Business Tracks presentations, you are welcome to check out the Marketing Track presentations.

1. Traffic Jam: Going Beyond Search Engines by Josh Kaplan, Corey Frons, Ross Kramer, Tomer Tagrin:

2. Responsive Design: Where, Why, and How by David Barr, Tonya Browning, Brendan Falkowski, Bob Meyer, Erin Tozour

3. The Search Continues: Magento SEO Trends for 2013 by Danny Essner, Christopher Hamze, Michael Mothner, Seth Rand

4. The Conversion Surgeon by Chris Goward

5. Act Now: 10 Tips for Boosting Revenues by Ryan Thompson, Uri Foox, Ed Hoffman, Gregory Segall, Richard Sexton

6. Brands to Beat: Brand Building in an Omni Channel World by Eric Yonge and Don Davis

Magento Imagine 2013 Technology Track
Magento Imagine 2013 Business Track
Magento Imagine 2013 Business Track

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