Atwix MageNews — September 2021

The Refreshing Autumn

As we mentioned in MageNews – August 2021, fall brought long-awaited coolness and business and community activity refreshment.

The eCommerce business is preparing for the Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas sales events. Such preparation is multisphered and includes marketing, engineering, logistics, management, etc. And, of course, knowledge sharing through local and global conferences. This type of activity is a perfect opportunity for beneficial communication between the community and business. 

The September Edition of the MageNews contains a solid list of the eCommerce events valuable for the Magento and Adobe Commerce users. Do not miss them! Also, in the general news section, you will find the tips and tricks for the forthcoming Sales Holiday Season preparation.

And do not forget to check the Community Activity Recap section! This September brought significant updates related to the upcoming releases: incredible presentation from the Magento Community Engineers and super helpful post with the release timeline.

Let’s unlock this news together with the Atwix MageNews September 2021!


  1. Fresh Community Event by Magento Association
  2. Adobe Developers Live: Hackathon
  3. Choose the strategy to Succeed During the Holidays Sales
  4. Holiday Season: How to Prepare Your Website
  5. The Matter of Choice: Selecting the Right eCommerce Platform
  6. Brilliant Assistant: Upgrade Compatibility Tool Overview
  7. Magento PhpStorm Plugin 4.0.0
  8. Release Strategy: Effectiveness, Optimisation, Success
  9. Upcoming Events

Fresh Community Event by Magento Association

The time has come: on October 21st, the Magento Association will host a virtual, interactive event called Magento Association Connect ft. the Magento Association Town Hall. This conference unites professionals all over the world to share their eCommerce experience in:

  • B2B
  • Case Studies
  • Software Architecture And Development
  • Communication
  • Marketing and Sales

Attending this conference is a brilliant opportunity to grow your business skills and to generate new ideas. Do not miss it! Registration is open.

To check previous #MAConnect events, you can visit MA Connect Session Recordings. There are informative and actual topics:

  • Optimize Your Development Workflow for What Your Project Needs
  • How to Extend Magento 2 In-Store Pickup
  • Drive Sales with PayPal Later.

Adobe Developers Live: Hackathon

It looks like fall has brought up another loop of Community activity. On October 6th, Adobe will host a long-awaited Developers Live Hackathon.

This event brings together Community members worldwide to cooperate, contribute, and communicate with the Adobe engineering teams. It will be split into two sections: presentation and hackathon itself. 

Expect the following topics to be covered during the presentations:

  • Page Builder Open Source: What’s Coming Next and How To Engage
  • How to create your own PWA Studio Extension
  • Adobe Experience Platform Destination SDK.

The hackathon will be dedicated to:

  • Page Builder: Contribution Day
  • PWA: Hackathon.

Looks exciting! Register and meet us there.

Choose the strategy to Succeed During the Holidays Sales

Another Magento Association event to highlight is Webinar: Your Guide for a Successful Holiday Ecommerce Strategy. It will take place on September 30th – a proper time right before the start of the Holiday Sales Season. The panel will be led by domain experts from Digital River, Avalara and Gorilla Group

According to the official announcement, the event will help to manage expectations in a supply chain, understand new tax obligations and compliance nuances, get ready for a surge in traffic. Very timely material!

Holiday Season: How to Prepare Your Website

Here at Atwix, we also take the preparation of the website for the Holiday Season sales activity seriously, and Iryna Rud has compiled the respective recommendations in one blog post. In Get Your Website Ready for the Holiday Season, you’ll learn why sales events such as BFCM (Black Friday Cyber Monday) are profitable and essential for the eCommerce sphere:

“On Black Friday, Adobe found consumers spent $6.3 million per minute online, or $27.50 per person, on average. Spending on smartphones surged 25.3% year over year to reach $3.6 billion, representing 40% of total e-commerce spending.”

2020 holiday shopping trends

2020 holiday shopping trends. Source

And, of course, in the blog post, you will find the section with respective recommendations with the overview of the following topics:

  • Site performance audit
  • Load testing 
  • UX & checkout flow
  • Agility in adaptation
  • Security
  • Mobile version
  • Extensions. 

You are pretty wrong if you think that is all you will find in the mentioned blog post. As an addition, you’ll get access to the recording of the live webinar with our innovative client, Adobe and Atwix – Is Your Website Ready for the 2020 Holiday Season?

The Matter of Choice: Selecting the Right eCommerce Platform

Platform selection is the defining step for the eCommerce business. This decision will redefine future company growth factors: technology stack, investments company stakeholders should plan, possible risks and difficulties, and, of course, chosen platform maintenance and ability to grow together with the business. 

No matter how perfect the platform is from the engineering perspective, it won’t be the right long-term decision if it doesn’t adapt to the market’s needs with new features to boost sales. This is precisely the topic our CTO Yaroslav Rogoza described in his blog post How to Choose the Right eCommerce Platform. It covers the value of the initial choice, and what aspects of your business should be overviewed to make a proper decision.

And if you want to learn more about the smart eCommerce strategy, we recommend you check the dedicated webinar by Adobe & Atwix: Smart eCommerce Strategy: DOs & DON’Ts.

Community activity recap

Brilliant Assistant: Upgrade Compatibility Tool Overview

The latest Magento Community Hangout organized by the Magento Community Engineering team was incredibly informative. 

On September 15th, the team presented the latest news about the Upgrade Compatibility Tool (UCT), introduced in February 2021. 

The UCT helps developers and business owners understand their project’s current state based on Adobe Commerce compatibility with the latest release version of the platform. Having the results of this analysis is extremely helpful for project upgrade planning. Note that currently the UCT works only with Adobe Commerce.

The UCT provides information regarding deprecated methods, not existing classes, and shows places in the codebase related to the backward incompatibility. And one more powerful feature of the Upgrade Compatibility Tool is: providing the option to introspect two GraphQL endpoints and compare their schemas looking for breaking and dangerous changes between them – GraphQL schema compatibility verification.

The UCT has a lot of options to run:

  • Set the minimum level of the issues to display in the output report (default is WARNING).
  • Set format of the output (txt, xml, json, md).
  • Set the path to the module to check.
  • Do not display any message during the check.

Together with the valuable Error message reference, this tool helps businesses and developers find issues before the upgrade is initiated and calculate risks and time to invest.

As an example, the upcoming release of the Adobe Commerce 2.4.4 will contain many backwards incompatible changes. This means that the upgrade to this version will require a complex overview of the project code. In that case UCT usage will be extremely helpful for the upgrade preparation and release itself. Please consider that according to the official release calendar the key milestones for 2.4.4 Adobe Commerce are:

  • Beta will be accessible since the October 2021 and ongoing;
  • Pre-release as of February 22nd, 2022;
  • General availability as of March 8th, 2022.

And this is not the last feature announced during the hangout! With the latest release, the Magento PhpStorm plugin has gained a reliable implementation of user-friendly UCT usage. The tool can be configured with the help of the plugin and can be run directly from the PhpStorm IDE. Also, it provides a new inspection that notifies developers about compatibility issues. Exciting!

Check out the Community Hangout recording: 

Magento PhpStorm Plugin 4.0.0

The new version of the Magento PhpStorm Plugin community was released on 3th of September.

Good to see such incredible community work! Сheck the list of new things added to the plugin:

  • XML file header includes code template in #615
  • Web API generation for the Magento Entity Creator in #597 and #607
  • DI XML plugin type attribute inspections in #588
  • Web API interface for service (PHP class) generation in #586
  • DI XML type tag attributes inspections that related to the PHP/Magento types in #582
  • DI XML preference tag attributes inspections in #578
  • Web API XML service tag attributes inspections in #577
  • An error handler to help the user with a new bug issue creation on the GitHub side in #552 and #593
  • Web API declaration generation in #548 and #595
  • JS and CSS support for Copy Magento Path action in #536.

More information about the 4.0.0 release is available here: Update Details – Magento PHPStorm Plugin.

Release Strategy: Effectiveness, Optimisation, Success

On September 16th, a new Magento Blog post about Accelerating Innovation through a Simplified Release Strategy was released. It contains information about the strategy of the upcoming releases and how they will be delivered.

“ In 2022, we will be taking a big step towards simplifying the upgrade process and decreasing the total cost of ownership for Merchants. We are committed to helping customers future-proof their business by reducing the complexity and frequency of upgrades, all the while accelerating their time to innovation. “ – mentioned in the blog post.

This step made by the Adobe team will really be helpful for the business and developers. Do not miss this opportunity to check how the releases will be delivered, what is the 2022 Release Calendar, Updated Lifecycle Policy, Beta Program Sign-up for the 2022 successful run, and ongoing!

Upcoming Events

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