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Not to Miss

Digital Platform Leader

Magento was recognized as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce 2019. This is the third time in a row Magento’s got this title.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce is a Gartner’s view of competitors in Digital Commerce market which gives a wide-angle view of the relative positions of the market’s players.

Gartner currently tracks more than 90 vendors in that space. Only 13 vendors passed Gartner criteria this year which is less than in two previous years (18 vendors in 2018 and 21 vendors in 2017).

Besides Magento, SAP, Salesforce and Oracle also passed leader criteria. While preparing The Magic Quadrant the following indicators were highly weighted:

Completeness of Vision:
– Geo Strategy (offerings to meet the specific needs of geographies outside the “home” or native geography)
– Product Strategy (approach to product development and delivery)
– Business Model (the logic of the vendor’s underlying business proposition)
– Market Understanding (the ability of the vendor to understand customers’ wants and needs and to translate those into products and services)

Ability to Execute:
– Overall Viability (overall organization’s financial health)
– Customer Experience (ways customers receive technical support or account support)
– Market Responsiveness (ability to change direction in responding to customer needs evolving and market dynamics changing)
– Products or Services (core features and services offered by the vendor)

Speaking about Magento results, Gartner highlights the following strengths:
– Magento has a complete commerce solution including built-in content management functionality (Page Builder), Magento order management service, Magento shipping service, Magento BI and so on.
– The global ecosystem of technology partners, agencies, developers and SIs is a traditional strong side of Magento. Magento Marketplace has numerous third-party integrations with all kinds of services and systems.
– Adobe acquisition can close a gap in personalization and AI capabilities via integration with their services. Also, it can increase the count of enterprise deals. Last year Gartner did not include the fact of Adobe acquisition to their reports and this time they named it as one of the strengths.

Gartner also has a couple of cautions:
– Magento Commerce Cloud has a limited count of key cloud functionality (Gartner did not really clarify a set of lacking features. They only mentioned autoscaling as an example which is actually a part of Commerce Cloud). In the case of on-premise installation, there are no CloudOps tools available.
– B2B functionality currently lacks major B2B functions such as out-of-the-box workflow approvals, contract-specific terms and role-based spending limits.
– Adobe-Magento integration is not fully finished in terms of Magento Commerce yet.

More Info:
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MageCONF 2019

MageCONF comes back to Kyiv in September! This year Atwix will be hosting MageCONF along with Magento being the Presenting Sponsor on September 28th, in Kyiv. MageCONF if the largest technical Magento conference worldwide, don’t miss it out. Join us for this epic event:

More Info:
[MageCONF] MageCONF 2019 – Official Website
[2event] MageCONF 2019 – Buy Tickets

Are you ready for PSD2?

From September 14, 2019, new payment standards will affect EU merchants and banks. If your website is not ready, some transactions may be declined by payment providers and banks. Don’t lose your customer and read more below.
More Info:
[Atwix] MageNews – August 2019 (New Payment Security Standards and Magento)
[Firebear] PSD2 & Magento 2: Payment Services Directive & 3D Secure 2.0 Explained

Community Experience

Install Magento on AWS

A clear article from Vincent Teyssier about making single node Magento 2 setup on AWS with Nginx, Varnish, Redis, SSL and using Cloudfront as a CDN.
More Info:
[Medium] Install Magento 2.3.2 on AWS Ubuntu 18.04 full SSL with Nginx Redis Varnish and Cloudfront

AWS SES in Magento

Max Pronko briefly reviewed reasons to use AWS Simple Email Service in Magento 2 and showed how such kind of integrations can look like. Check his tutorial below.
More Info:
[Youtube] AWS SES for Transactional Emails in Magento 2

MageTestFest 2019 Recordings

MageTestFest released a playlist of conference speech recordings, so now everyone can check out how it was there. List of covered talks:
– Something on Community Engineering (Max Yekaterynenko)
– Tools to improve the quality of your Magento project (Stephan Hochdorfer)
– Property-Based Testing (Vinai Kopp)
– Something on Magento Architecture (Anton Kril)
– Magento Marketplace and EQP 2 Testing Framework (Ravi Menon)
– End-to-end testing with Cypress (Javier Villanueva)
– Mutation testing – a vaccine for your code (Bernard van der Esch)
– Clever use of testing output in your development pipeline (Andreas Mautz)
– Common misconceptions about TDD (Fabian Schmengler)
– Magento Functional Testing Framework (Tom Erskine)

More Info:
[Vimeo] MageTestFest 2 (2019)
[Atwix] MageNews – April 2019 (MageTestFest Aftermath)

Contribute to Magento 2 Translations

Sonja Riesterer shared her experience in contributing to Magento 2 Translations project with all needed details to start contributing right after the reading. Check this article below and maybe if you didn’t find enough motivation for it you might get it right there.
More Info:
[integer_net] How to contribute to Magento 2 translations

Create Your First GraphQL Endpoint

A super useful and simple writeup about initing a new GraphQl endpoint in Magento 2 from Lars Röttig.
More Info:
[Medium] Create GraphQL Endpoint for Magento 2.3

Open Source

More M2.3 features in Mage2Gen

Mage2Gen team released more Magento 2.3 compatibilities. New features are related to new patch flow introduced in Magento 2.3 along with declarative schema. Check that out, you will definitely find it useful!

More Info:
[Github] krukas/Mage2Gen – Python library for generating Magento 2 module
[] Magento 2 module creator and code generator


Webhooks in Magento

Magento merged a pull request with proposal to support webhooks. It’s created to streamline integration with external services process and improve data exchanging processes more effective. According to the proposal, webhooks may be based on Magento Event Framework and be async using Cron functionality. Communication between platform and consumers may be signed by JWT for security reasons. Learn more about implementation below.
More Info:
[Github] Webhooks

Readme template for Modules

Magento DevDocs team is working on a new content management improvements, including development of a new infomative readme template for Magento core modules. Feel free to comment if you find a missing section worth to be covered.

More Info:
[Github Gist] README template for Magento modules

SKU Uniqueness

Magento created a proposal to make the SKU field unique on the database level. Currently, this is only a case for validation logic, but it’s possible to have non-unique SKU if it’s been saved bypassing the validation (via direct SQL, for example).
More Info:
[Github] Enforce product SKU uniqueness at the database layer

September Events. Don’t Miss!

– September 5-6th – Meet Magento NYC, New York, NY
– September 11-12th – DMEXCO 2019, Cologne, Germany
– September 12-13th – MageX, Austin, TX
– September 16-17th – MM19PL, Katowice, Poland
– September 17th – MM19BR, Sao Paulo, Brazil
– September 21-22th – Magento Contribution Days Munich, Munich, Germany
– September 24-26th – Paris Retail Week, Paris, France
– September 25-26th – eCommerce Expo London, London, UK
– September 26-27th – MM19RO, Bucharest, Romania
– September 27-28th – MageCONF 2019 & Contribution Day, Kyiv, Ukraine
– September 30th – October 2nd – B2B Next, Chicago, IL

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