Atwix MageNews – November 2019

Welcome to #MageNews November!
It’s time to share our roundup of the latest and the most important Magento updates that took place last month.


  1. [Not To Miss] Latest and Greatest
  2. [Not To Miss] MLEU Key Announcements
  3. [Not To Miss] Magento Live @ Summit EMEA
  4. [Not To Miss] Temando is Shutting Down
  5. [Not To Miss] Magento Association Partners
  6. [Community Experience] Recent Slides
  7. [Open Source] AWS EventBridge
  8. [Open Source] Magento Inventory Updates
  9. [Open Source] Useful Projects
  10. Upcoming Events
  11. Want More?

Not to Miss

Latest and Greatest

In October, Magento released new patch versions: Magento 2.3.3 and 2.2.10.

This release also includes the first-ever security-only version, Magento 2.3.2-p2, which contains only the security-related changes without all the quarterly quality improvements. This release itself covers more than 70 security improvements of different severity and types (RCE, XSS, SqlInj and other). Though, it should be mentioned that no vulnerabilities from the ones covered in the release were detected in the wild.

The 2.3.3 version includes a couple of performance improvements:
– vast jQuery/ui library has been decoupled into separate widgets to be able to load only those widgets that are needed
– a new “Use CSS critical path” has been added to store configuration which separates a render-critical CSS to the page head and the rest of CSS to the page footer (it helps to score 5 more points with the Lighthouse)
– text is displayed in default readable fonts while custom fonts are loading
– an ability to disable synchronous URL rewrite generation of category and product save actions has been added

Since 2.3.3, Magento will be collecting Magento Admin user activities to improve Admin design and experience. Admin users will see “Allow admin usage data collection” popup which allows sending current tracking data. All data will be reported to Adobe Analytics and later be analyzed internally.

New bundled extensions are available:
– Google Shopping ads Channel module is now a part of the Magento package
– Yotpo user-generated content management platform is now integrated with Magento out of the box

PSD2 compatibility for core payment integrations:
– Amazon Pay
– Braintree
– supports 3DS 2.0 via CardinalCommerce service
– Cybersource and eWay core integrations were deprecated (use official integration from the Magento Marketplace)

Some parts of the platform were updated:
– TinyMCE editor was upgraded to v. 4.9.5​ (improves the UX of PageBuilder)
– Zend Framework 2 Components got upgraded to the LTS versions

Infrastructural improvements:
– Support of recent versions of PHP 7.2.x and 7.3.x
– Varnish 6.2.0 support

GraphQL Coverage was improved and added API to support:
– PayPal, Braintree, and Authorize.Net payment methods
– gift cards and store credits
– adding configurable products to the cart

Besides that, the 2.3.3 version brings numerous quality improvements like:
– cron error reporting and stability
– catalog rules calculation on non-UTC time setup
– improved performance of product flat data re-indexing
– and many more

It’s needed to be aware that 2.3.3 version also includes backward-incompatible changes which Magento covered by hotfix patches:
– MessageInterface was renamed
– Catalog pagination issue on Elasticsearch 6.x
– The issue with collection method addAttributeToFilter() when it’s invoked in chain

Thanks to Magento Team and Community Contributors for their tremendous effort and participation in this significant update!

Don’t lose your chance to leverage a new security-only version and upgrade your store as soon as possible without big effort.

More Info:
[Magento DevDocs] Magento Open Source 2.3.3 Release Notes
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[Magento DevDocs] CSS critical path
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[Magento Marketplace] CyberSource Global Payment Management – Official Integration
[Magento Marketplace] eWay Payments – Official Integration

MLEU Key Announcements

We have collected all key announcements from the MagentoLive Europe:
– EAP for Product Recommendations Powered by Adobe Sensei will be launched in January 2020
– MS Azure support will be added to Magento Commerce Cloud in the beginning of 2020
– Amazon Sales Channel Extension supports Amazon’s U.K. Marketplace now and more EU countries will be supported in 2020
– Magento has done a great progress in Adobe Stock integration and that’s great to know that Atwix Team contributed a lot to make that happened

Updates included the following roadmaps for Magento B2B modules, Magento Commerce Cloud, Magento Order Management and Adobe integrations:

More Info:
[Magento Blog] MagentoLive Europe 2019: Adobe Announces New Commerce Capabilities for SMBs and Mid-market Merchants
[Magento Blog] Amazon Sales Channel in Magento Is Now Available in the U.K.
[Magento Blog] Announcing Early Access Program for Magento Commerce Product Recommendations
[Magento Blog] Magento Acquires New B2B Technology (Order Approval Workflow)

MagentoLive @ Summit EMEA

The attendees spread a gossip that next MagentoLive events could be alongside the Adobe Summit EMEA, which takes place in London. Probably the logic follows the Magento Imagine’s faith, which is now hosted alongside the Adobe Summit in Las Vegas. So far, there is no information about that on Adobe Summit EMEA website, but we expect to see it closer to the event date which is in May 2020.

More Info:
[Adobe Summit] Adobe Summit EMEA

Temando is Shutting Down

Temando is being closed by its parent company Quadient (formerly Neopost). Shutting down affects merchants who use Magento Shipping service which is exclusively powered by Temando infrastructure. It’s already not possible to create new shipping accounts and all existing ones will only be supported until Nov 15th, 2019. Magento will be evaluating alternatives and perform migration to another shipping provider.

More Info:
[Magento] Magento Shipping Status page

Magento Association Partners

Magento Association has announced Paypal as their first Title Partner and Nexcess with Adyen as the initial Platinum Partners. Magento Association is going to use the initial investments to introduce a new version of the website as a platform for managing the community events, facilitating knowledge exchange and providing thought leadership content to our community.

More Info:
[Magento Association] Announcing our first Title Partner: Paypal
[Atwix] MageNews October – Update from the Magento Association
[Magento Association] Join the Magento Association

Community Experience

Recent Slides

Magento folks dropped a couple of presentations from the recent community events:
[MM19ES] Our Experience with Magento Cloud by Oleksandr Lyzun
[MM19ES] Achieve great Magento 2 performance: the basics, the advanced, the secrets by Fabrizio Balliano
[MageConf19] Something Architecture by Igor Miniailo

Open Source

AWS Event Bridge

Magento is working on improving Message Queue integration which is the main linking component of all modern complex enterprise systems. Solid message queue architecture is an important basis for service isolation and event-driven architecture Magento is looking and moving towards right now.

At MagentoLive’s contribution day, Magento kicked off a new integration with the AWS Event Bridge service. The Event Bridge is an Amazon serverless event bus that can receive events from custom applications, third-party SaaS services and route them to other Amazon services.

AWS Event Bridge unlocks new possibilities for building complex Magento projects on AWS cloud. So let’s contribute and make this integration released for leveraging with the upcoming projects.

More Info:
[Github] Amazon Eventbridge Integration – Basic Setup
[Github] Amazon EventBridge Integration – Technical Design
[AWS] Amazon EventBridge
[Github] Architecture Proposal – Message Queue Architecture and Options

Magento Inventory Updates

A new version of Magento Inventory (1.3.3) was released. It improves performance and test coverages. From the functional side, it improves integration with Magento Commerce and B2B features like:
– requisition lists
– quick orders
– order by SKU

More Info:
[Magento DevDocs] Magento Inventory Release Notes
[Github] Magento Inventory Performance Patches

Useful Projects

[Github] troublediehard/magento-react-native – Magento2 React Native Application
[Github] AmpersandHQ/ampersand-magento2-upgrade-patch-helper – Magento Upgrade Helper
[Github] renatocason/magento2-module-mq – Message Queue Module for Magento2 OS
[Github] Imagination-Media/magento2-payment-request – Payment Request API for Magento 2
[Github] mcspronko/liqpay-magento2 – LiqPay Extension for Magento 2
[Github] elgentos/magento2-prismicio – Magento 2 integration

Upcoming Events. Don’t Miss!

– Nov 5th – MM19JP, Tokyo, JP
– Nov 12th – MM19Asia, Bangkok, TH
– Nov 23th – MM19GR, Athens, GR
– Nov 29th – Dec 1st – Mage Unconference, Cologne, DE

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