Atwix MageNews – May 2019

What date is it? It’s already May! This means that it’s time for a new Atwix MageNews Digest ?
Atwix #MageNews is a Magento Community monthly roundup which highlights the most exciting and important updates that have landed within the past month.

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Not to Miss

Magento Imagine 2019

Magento Imagine, a key and the biggest event in Magento Community is coming in the middle of May in vibrant Las Vegas. Imagine “marathon” will start from a Contribution Day on May 11th where besides the existing community projects like MSI and GraphQL, a new one will be kicked off – an integration of the Adobe Stock with the PageBuilder. The Magento Association is going to host a “Get Involved” networking event alongside the Contribution Day during the whole weekend, so feel free to pop in and say hi to old friends as well as meet the new ones.

There will be a ton of activities alongside Imagine this year. From traditional Big Dam Run and Pre-Imagine to Lego Wall and Puppy Play! Check out the complete schedule here.

Magento Imagine itself will start on the 13th of May and will feature three days packed with a lot of sessions and case studies on technical and business topics. Check out the agenda and make sure to swing by the Atwix booth to get some cool stickers, t-shirts and swag as well as get a free express performance audit of your Magento store!

More Info:
[Magento] Imagine 2019 – Agenda
[Magento] PreImagine 2019
[Magento] Imagine – Big Dam Run 2019
[Magento DevBlog] Imagine 2019 Community Contributor Guide

Magento features Atwix!

Sorry, but we just couldn’t miss that! We’ve got featured in the official Magento Blog as the #1 Magento Contributor and a couple of people from Atwix have shared their personal stories with the Magento world. Check out how Magento discovered Atwix winning culture (and even mentioned Atwix MageNews!).

More Info:
[Magento] Inside Atwix: the #1 Contributor to Magento

Magento 2.1 and 2.2 EOL Soon

Magento 2.1 will face its EOL in June 2019 and Magento 2.2 in December 2019. Not to forget that Magento 1 is reaching its End of Life in June of 2020. Read about what to expect of Magento 1 and Magento 2 sunset in an article from JetRails.

More Info:
[JetRails] Magento 2.0, 2.1, and 2.2 End of Life Dates

Farewell, Mark!

Former CEO of Magento Commerce, Mark Lavelle is stepping aside as the commerce leader at Adobe. Before he joined Magento in November 2015, Mark served as Senior Vice President of Product for eBay Enterprise. He co-founded Bill Me Later, acquired by eBay in 2008. Mark leaded Magento as it transitioned from eBay to private equity and continued as Magento got acquired by Adobe. Lavelle’s leadership has influenced the growth of the Magento’s Community, made Magento 2 happen and made the company truly community-driven. The community keeps highlighting that Mark is an exceptional leader, visionary and one who was always willing to listen. Thank you for your tremendous efforts and good luck, Mark!

More Info:

[Magento] A Farewell Message from Mark Lavelle
[YouTube] Mark Lavelle is stepping down at Magento
[Medium] Magento — New Day

Community Experience

Mystery of UPWARD

Have you heard about Peregrine, Magento PWA Buildpack, Venia? Most likely, yes, but what about UPWARD? Did you know that this is a middleware standard between PWA and your APIs? The following article explains everything about UPWARD in Magento PWA on clear examples. Highly recommended reading for having a comprehensive view of Magento PWA.

More Info:
[Medium] Magento PWA Studio: What is UPWARD?

Magento Meetup Kyiv 2019

Kyiv will always remain the cradle of the Magento platform. That’s why we, at Atwix, were especially proud to organize the inaugural Kyiv Magento Meetup last month. There were more than 70 attendees from 4 countries, including Magento Community Engineering rockstars from Austin and Dublin, 4 talks, drinks and great conversations with a vibrant Magento community. Alex Yermak from Mobecls also was there and decided to tell us how it was.

More Info:
[Mobecls] Magento Meetup and Contribution Day 2019 In Kyiv: Mobecls Travel Blog

Meet Magento Netherlands 2019

Dutchento and The Hague hosted Magento community at Meet Magento Netherlands 2019. The conference was covering the biggest trends in Magento development for both beginners and experts. Speakers talked about Magento PWA, CI/CD, Future of the Magento Architecture and more. You can check out slides from the conference below.

More Info:
[Dutchento] Meet Magento 2019: PWA, CI/CD, Future Magento Architecture and more
[Google Docs] John Hughes – Stop Flushing the Cache
[Google Docs] Jordan Eisenburger – Magento PWA
[Slideshare] Igor Miniailo – A long way from Monolith to Service Isolated Architecture
[SlideshareOnline] R. Neitzel & F. Blechschmidt – Half a Rush Hour in Magento 2
[bitExpert] Stephan Hochdörfer – Tools to improve the quality of your Magento project
[LinkedIn] Kim van Wilgen – Continiusly Delivering Continius Devlivery


Dave Macaulay shared a straightforward tutorial about setting up Magento 2 running on your local machine via Valet+ development environment. This can be super helpful if you give up configuring and tunning Docker on your MacOS systems and just want to get it worked.

More Info:
[Dave Macaulay] The easiest way to install Magento 2 on macOS using Valet+
[Github] A port of Laravel Valet for Windows users

Dockerize Magento

Mark Shust created a 40 minutes course where he shares his experience of running and managing the performance of Magento development environments using Docker on macOS.

More Info:
[Mark Shust’s Magento School] Setup a Magento 2 Development Environment with Docker

Open Source

Anonymizing on the Fly

Max Chadwick dropped a run-anywhere, dependency-less database anonymizer that replaces sensitive database data on the fly while doing mysqldump command. This approach helps to get anonymized database dump right on the server where dump is done and prevent from the man-in-a-middle attack while transmitting this data to another server.

More Info:
[Github] dbanon – A run anywhere database anonymizer


Last month our Community talked a lot about Magento 2 development environment setup. Apparently, about one little and pretty cool tool that helps to synchronize codebases between endpoints (like Docker and your local filesystem). The tool is called Mutagen. Mutagen is designed to support remote development scenarios, with configurable behaviors specifically designed to help developers edit code locally while building, running, or packaging it in a remote environment. It currently supports locations on local filesystems, SSH-accessible filesystems, and Docker container filesystems.

More Info:
[] Mutagen – Code synchronization for remote development
[YouTube] Mark Shust – Magento setup with Docker and Mutagen volume sync

What’s up, Magento?

Magento announced a couple of updates in open source projects. Magento PWA v2.1.0 is now live with Magento v2.3.1 compatibility and increased unit test coverage. Magento Coding Standard has a new 2.0.0 version now with a few more new rules that disallow usage of proxies and interceptors in constructors directly and array_merge() function in the loop. Finally, Magento automated updating of Github’s language packages weekly using Crowdin project which was kicked off recently.

More Info:
[Magento DevBlog] PWA Studio 2.1.0 has been released!
[Github] Magento Localization
[Github] Magento Coding Standard 2.0.0


More about Payflow Card Attack

Magento Team released a new Magento_PaypalReCaptcha module for Magento Commerce that is going to add a captcha on getting Payflow Secure Token. Besides that, the develop branch of Magento 2.2 got merged CSRF protection for vulnerable action. See more information below and make sure you are protected against this attack vector.

More Info:
[Magento Support] PayPal Payflow Pro active carding activity
[Github] Magento 2.2 – Added CSRF protection in RequestSecureToken action


WebP for Magento

Magento Architecture got a proposal to support modern WepP format for catalog images.

More Info:
[Magento Architecture] Add WebP support

Upcoming Events. Don’t Miss!

– May 9th – Magento Meetup Hungary, Budapest, HU
– May 11-12th – Contribution Day & Magento Association’s Get Involved at Magento Imagine, Las Vegas, NV
– May 12th – Imagine Big Dam Run, Las Vegas, NV
– May 12th – PreImagine 2019, Las Vegas, NV
– May 13-15th – Magento Imagine 2019, Las Vegas, NV
– May 28th – Magento Meetup Austria, Vienna, AT

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