Atwix MageNews – June 2019

This is the fifth edition of #MageNews and it’s going to leave you no chance to miss any of exiting and important insights and news from Magento Imagine 2019 and awesome Magento Community which proceeds to update us in an absolutely incredible way.

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Magento Imagine 2019

Amazon Sales & Google Shopping Ads Channels

Magento released two free extensions on Magento Marketplace for integration with Amazon Sales and Google Shopping Ads channels.

Amazon Sales Channel helps quickly integrate catalog with Amazon – world’s largest marketplace with shoppers from U.S., Canada, and Mexico, establishing a bi-directional data flow. Also, it simply gives a chance to manage product listings directly from Magento Admin.

Google Shopping Ads Channel is integrating with Google Merchant Center and Google Ads to streamline workflow by managing advertising campaigns and reporting across the Google network directly from Magento Admin. Now, through the Magento Admin, you can create Google Smart Shopping campaigns, track the performance of campaigns and even sync catalog information with Google that prevents advertising out-of-stock products or inaccurate product pricing.

More Info:
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[Magento Marketplace] Google Shopping Ads Channel extension by Magento
[Adobe Blog] Amazon Sales Channel in Magento Enables Merchants to Expand Customer Reach and Grow Revenue
[Amazon] Amazon Seller Central
[Adobe Blog] Google Shopping ads Channel in Magento Delivers a Fully Integrated, End-to-End Google Advertising Solution

Magento Association Membership

Magento Association has opened its doors! Don’t miss your chance to become a Magento Association member! Membership gives you an ability to closely participate in Magento’s Community life and evolve it together. Moreover, there are no membership dues at least until the end of this year.

More Info:
[Magento Association] Become a member of the Magento Association!

Adobe Sensei + Magento

Jason Woosley, VP, Commerce Product & Platform at Adobe, announced an integration of Magento Commerce and Adobe Sensei (Adobe framework that facilitates AI and machine learning techniques to improve customer experience). Adobe Sensei is going to be used for powering accurate and personalized product recommendations and will be generally available in the first half of 2020.

More Info:
[integer_net] Magento Imagine 2019 – Review

Magento PWA Updates

Magento PWA will be integrated with Paypal Braintree and here is a timeline when it gets integrated with the existing Magento features:

Magento 2.3+ End of Support Policy

Magento is changing End of Support policy starting from Magento 2.3. The new policy is based on a new minor version release date. It says that the previous minor version will be getting quality updates for the next 12 months and security updates for the next 18 months since new minor version release. This means that Magento 2.3 is going to be supported for 3 quarters longer than it used to be.

Magento 2.3.2 GA

Magento 2.3.2 will be released and generally available in June 2019.

Extension Developer Rewards Program

Magento is going to reward great extension developers by launching the reward program. Extensions with high code quality, a low refund rate, MFTF tests and compatibility with the latest Magento versions are going to be rewarded with revenue share cash backs, free technical consulting with Magento architects and discount programs.

Magento Imagine 2020 @ Adobe Summit

Gary Specter, VP, Commerce Sales & Customer Success, Experience Business at Adobe, announced Magento Imagine happening again next year, albeit alongside with Adobe Summit on March 29th – April 2nd in Las Vegas.

Legendary Year for a Legendary Team

This year’s Magento Imagine was extremely productive for the Atwix Team. Our Yaroslav Rogoza, CTO of Atwix, has been recognized as a Magento Master 2019 for his code contributions and maintaining Magento community-driven projects which are going to shape Magento’s future.

First time in Magento Imagine history, Atwix received the Magento Community Engineering Award and our client Coyuchi has been nominated for the Imagine Excellence Awards.

Now we are looking forward to reaching new horizons!

And even more Magento Imagine updates!

Adobe keeps improving the Magento Order Management product. They are going to support multi-tender payment workflow and redesign architecture using microservices.

Magento Commerce Cloud will be available on Microsoft Azure cloud in the future besides AWS, which is the only option so far.

Finally, Adobe’s Dynamic Tag Management will be integrated with Magento shortly.

More Info:
[integer_net] Magento Imagine 2019 – Review
[Inchoo] It’s the end of Magento Imagine as we know it (and I feel fine)

Not To Miss!

PageBuilder and Magento Open Source

Jason Woosley has clarified the PageBuilder & Magento Open Source Edition question on Twitter. PageBuilder has never been advertised as an open source project and it was created to empower the experience of Magento Commerce.

Open Source

Adobe Stock Integration

During the Contribution Day at the Magento Imagine, Magento EngCom team kicked off a new community project – an integration with Adobe Stock. This allows getting access to premier images, videos, illustrations right from Media Gallery in Magento Admin. The project has three phases and allows usage of watermarked or licensed images.

More Info:
[Github] Adobe Stock Integration
[Github] Adobe Stock Image Integration Roadmap

BlueFoot Content to Page Builder

Dave Macaulay, who is leading development on Page Builder at Magento, announced the availability of BlueFoot to Page Builder content migration tool. With the help of it you can painlessly move CMS pages, blocks, products and category attributes.

More Info:
[Magento DevDocs] Overview of Bluefoot content migration

Give Me MORE

[Github] Magento 2 GraphQl connector for Java by Adobe Experience Manager team
[Github] Postman collection for Magento 2 API by Oleksandr Lyzun
[Magento Marketplace] An extension for supporting japanese localization by Magento EngCom team
[Github] PHP Insights, a static code quality analyzer, started to support Magento 2


Improvements of Plugin Framework

Creatuity team submitted a great proposal which can improve performance of interceptor framework. The idea is to generate an implicit Magento 2 plugin invoke chain once and don’t get information about the chain in the runtime. In case Magento accepts the proposal the effect will be seen in Magento Admin, with better result within blocks with a lot of non-cachable information.

More Info:
[Github] A pull request with interceptor framework improvements
[Github] Creatuity_Interception – a module that improved a way of generation interceptors

Destiny of Non-Composer Packages

Simplified module declaration proposal got a lot of attention in our Community. According to the initial proposal, the current Magento module management system was going to be substituted by a new one based on Composer and custom composer plugin for Magento-specific adjustments. Going that way would allow to simplify the module bootstrapping, eliminate module.xml and registration.php and keep all needed information in composer.json files. However, it is not yet clear how the non-composer modules from app/code directory are going to work.

Such an approach may have a major impact on Service Integrator’s lives as it would force them to deal heavily with the composer.lock change management which increases project ownership cost. That’s one of the main reasons why the proposal was reopened to discuss deeper the way that will be convenient for every party in Magento Community. Don’t hesitate to jump into the discussion if you have any ideas. You can find more information below.

More Info:
[Github] Anton Kril – Simplified module declaration
[Github] Vinai Kopp – My beef with composer and Magento
[Github] Anton Kril – Simplified module declaration (More details and clarification)

Magento U

Magento 2 Certified Full-Stack Developer

MagentoU announced a new badge which you can earn if you have passed the following exams:
– Professional Frontend Developer
– Professional JavaScript Developer
– Professional Developer / Professional Developer Plus

June Events. Don’t Miss!

– June 3-4th – Meet Magento DE, Leipzig, DE
– June 7th – MageTitans Netherlands, Groningen, NL
– June 18-19th – Meet Magento UK, London, UK

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