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  1. [Not To Miss] PHP 7.1 EOL
  2. [Not To Miss] PageBuilder in Magento PWA
  3. [Security] PageBuilder RCE in Wild
  4. [Security] Arbitrary Code Execution in PHP‑FPM
  5. [Security] Security Incident in Magento Marketplace
  6. [Community Experience] Build New PageBuilder Content Type
  7. [Community Experience] Adobe Sensei Under the Hood
  8. [Community Experience] Official Magento Lang Packs
  9. [Community Experience] Leverage Magento 2 Message Queue
  10. [Community Experience] Conferences
  11. [Architecture] Future Of Magento MQ
  12. [Architecture] MCS v5
  13. [Architecture] JSON In Declarative Schema
  14. [Open Source] Useful Projects
  15. Want More?

Not to Miss


PHP 7.1 reached EOL in December. Make sure you are running at least on version 7.2. Otherwise, there may be issues with being PCI compliant and keeping your store secure.

More Info:
[PHP] PHP: Supported Versions
[Magento] Magento Software Lifecycle Policy

PageBuilder in Magento PWA

Magento DevDocs announced that PageBuilder integration with PWA is coming with Magento 2.3.4 which will be released in the beginning of Q1 2020.


PageBuilder RCE in the Wild

A critical unauthorized RCE through crafted Page Builder templates was reported in the wild. This is relevant for Magento Commerce prior to 2.3.2-p2 or 2.3.3 where PageBuilder is enabled and used. Upgrade as soon as possible to protect your store.

More Info:
[Magento DevBlog] Latest Magento Security Update Helps Protect from Recently Reported RCE Vulnerability

Arbitrary Code Execution in PHP‑FPM

A critical vulnerability was discovered in PHP-FPM. Depending on configuration, it may be possible to exploit PATH_INFO environmental variable to trigger memory corruption and execute malicious code.
To be sure you are safe, upgrade to PHP 7.1.33, PHP 7.2.24, or PHP 7.3.11.

It’s common to use PHP-FPM in the Magento setup, so check more information about this below.

More Info:
[nginx] Addressing the PHP-FPM Vulnerability (CVE-2019-11043) with NGINX

Magento Marketplace Security Incident

Magento Security team found a security incident on Magento Marketplace. As it was found out some account data were leaked for some users. The leaked information includes names, email addresses, MageID, billing and shipping addresses, and some limited commercial information. No modules or core products were compromised though.

More Info:
[Magento] Magento Marketplace Security Update
[TheHackerNews] Magento Marketplace Suffers Data Breach Exposing Users’ Account Info

Community Experience

Build New PageBuilder Content Type

Integer_net team shared an essential writeup about adding a new content type in PageBuilder. From adding changes to PageBuilder editor to rendering and storing final HTML snippets, one should get familiar with a new way of building customer engaging content.

More Info:
[integer_net] Magento Page Builder – Introduction for Developers
[Magento DevDocs] Page Builder: Create a content type – Overview

Adobe Sensei Under the Hood

General overview of Adobe AI framework – Adobe Sensei. It is used inside of Magento Product Recommendations which will be GA early next year.
More Info:
[Medium] A Glimpse Under the Hood of Adobe’s AI and ML Innovations: Adobe Sensei ML Framework

Official Magento Lang Packs

Magento and Community put a great effort into creating official great-quality language packs. 68 different language packs are ready to use. Check how to include it into your project below.

More Info:
[integer_net] How to install the official Magento 2 language pack
[Github] Magento Localization
[Github] Language package for German
[Github] Language package for Italian
[Github] Language package for French
[Github] Language package for Japanese

Leverage Magento 2 Message Queue

The message queue is a kind of perfect component of any enterprise architecture where it needs to process things in the background and give visitors a quick response to their actions. Since version 2.3, Magento started moving the heavier operations to background processing using built-in Message Queue capabilities. It will be super helpful and important in a new service isolated architecture Magento is currently working on. If you are not yet familiar with Magento 2 Message Queue, the following articles will be a great overview for you.

More Info:
[] Leveraging the queue in Magento 2 in a (semi) simple way
[] Using Magento 2’s MySQL queue for order post-processing


We have collected video from the presentations that were recently published and featured some of the talks.
MM19NY: Magento Microservice Architecture (Dan Goodfriend)
MM19NY: Data privacy and AI in eCommerce (Victoria Yaschuk)
MM19NY: The Ultimate Guide to Indexing in Magento 2 (John Hughes)
MageCONF2019: Alternative Checkout Flow. (Yevhen Sentiabov)
MageCONF2019: Evolving Magento Domain Model (Anton Kril)
More Info:
[Youtube] MM19NY – Presentations Playlist
[Youtube] MageCONF2019 – Presentations Playlist


Future Of Magento 2 Message Queue

Currently, the platform supports MySQL and Magento 2 RabbitMQ flow options for the message queue possibilities. For sake of better scaling, it makes sense to support another options like AWS MQ, AWS SQS, AWS Kinesis and so on. Some details about evaluation of possible options and their implementations are available below.

More Info:
[Github] Magento Messaging Architecture and Options
[Github] Magento Message Queue Processing Design
[Github] Magento Messaging Options – Evaluation of Technologies
[Github] Magento Messaging Options – AWS MQ
[Github] Magento Messaging Options – AWS SQS
[Github] Magento Messaging Options – AWS Kinesis
[Github] Magento Messaging Options – AWS Kafka
[Github] Magento Messaging Options – Azure Service Bus
[Github] Magento Messaging Options – Adobe I/O

MCS v5

New version of Magento Coding Standard is out. Now it supports sniffs of GraphQL schemas.

More Info:
[Github] magento/magento-coding-standard – v5 Release Notes

JSON In Declarative Schema

Magento has got a pull request that adds support of JSON data type in Declarative Schema. MySQL started to support JSON types natively since version 5.7.8.

More Info:
[Github] JSON fields support
[MySQL] The JSON Data Type

Open Source

Useful Projects

auroraextensions/simplereturns – Simplified RMA for Magento Open Source
duhon/magento-docker – Magento docker-based development environment supported by Magento core team
experius/Github-Magento2-Composer-Patch – browser extension that generates Magento patch definition for vaimo/composer-patches
extdn/github-actions-m2 – GitHub Actions for Magento 2 Extensions

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