We continue the series of articles with technical lifehacks, dedicated to PWA Studio. After the overview of how to Insert CMS Block on the Product Page, we suggest to check out some more interesting situations.

Imagine the store with PWA Studio storefront, where the Product Page should contain the product’s short description. You may see nothing unusual here, but there is a trick – the default Venia theme doesn’t show the product’s short description by default. Oops. But no worries, that’s not hard to fix. Thanks to PWA Studio’s extensibility framework.


It’s time to take a fresh look at your approach to eCommerce. Learn how the Atwix Performance Audit for the Adobe (Magento) Commerce platform helps you stay attuned to your evolving business needs and goals. 


The summer solstice is upon us, the equinox that marks the halfway point for 2021. 

So what does this mean for the world of the eCommerce sphere? Generally, the first active sales phase of the year is completed, and companies are presenting their plans and roadmaps for the rest of 2021 and the next year. This is the ideal time to start preparing for big upcoming digital sales events and campaigns like summer clearance sales and Black Friday sales event later on in the autumn.


Connecting online with customers is a journey, not a destination. Consumer demands continually evolve as trends, behaviors and technologies change. Balancing a buyer’s experience with the performance — speed to buy — is always a delicate balance to strike, weighing the scaling needs of a web storefront while maintaining its site reliability and security. That was until progressive web apps (PWA) emerged as a popular eCommerce solution.

A PWA has shown itself to greatly help a merchant connect with and provide customers a high quality mobile experience without sacrifice to browsing performance. At Atwix, an Adobe silver solution partner, we have well-worn experience in designing, building, implementing and supporting clients who now leverage Adobe Commerce PWA Studio (formerly known as Magento PWA Studio). We have decided to share some of what we learned. Please read, comment and share your thoughts.

This entry is focused on the CMS Block. There are many reasons and uses-cases to insert a CMS Block on pages: either to show a customer notice or to show the store’s working hours. This article shows how to add a CMS Block on the Product Page using PWA Studio extensibility framework.


The last month of spring 2021 did its work and left us with some nice changes in terms of creating a smoother and more exciting shopping experience both for the clients and for the merchants. Certain trends we notice in Magento ecosystem’s partnerships – security enhancements, automation and strong collaboration. Which is so great – together we can do much more! And to be specific, we’ve prepared some interesting news from our trusted partners in fresh May digest. Enjoy the read!


In the past, as a web developer you had to thoughtfully choose your operating system. You weighed personal preferences and experiences with the emerging work you had in front of you and your team(s). This decision was important and also something of an anchor due in large part to tools limitations. The selection process inevitably drove your approach and ability to work across systems and teams (or not). Some systems were more suitable for Linux/OSX, some systems were better bets for other operating platforms. Fortunately, the introduction of virtualization technologies, techniques and tools helped resolve the ‘one or the other’ decision-making challenge. We now use Vagrant, and then we started making use of Docker. This allowed us to move LAMP related objects to and from isolated environments. Ultimately, these emerging tools took the stress out of the formative process of selecting a web development operating system.


Big events, big news for the digital commerce industry

Greater collaboration. New services. Integrating AI into the user experience. These were the headline grabbers from announcements made at two recent springtime events – and they’re opening the door to new possibilities for more efficient business and technology cooperation through exciting approaches to the customer experience.

Here’s a recap of the two main events: AdobeSummit and Magento Association.


April 2021 experienced much in the way of eCommerce news and announcements, no more so than Adobe Commerce’s ecosystem. Breaking news to cover this month: Magento Commerce rebranding to Adobe Commerce, Adobe Summit 2021 connected 1,000s of us, Partner ecosystem product expansions centered on improved customer experiences, speeding up the purchase process, and scaling a merchant’s offerings and reach. Let’s check out what Atwix Partners brought us in April!


Today, on April 15, the world celebrates International Art Day. Being true fans of creative art design, the team at Atwix believes that a great design does more than meets the eye — it communicates the spirit of your company and provides more insight into your business than you might think. Art appeals to the senses. Creative, personalized art translates your organization into a visual language.