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Making lemonade out of lemons: How to host an offsite for a distributed team amidst COVID-19

Sometimes I ask myself, what defines a moment? What happens when the novelty of something that was “new” wears off and becomes customary? Many of us are probably already past the strategy of waiting out the crisis and have lost hope that we will wake up to find out the the last six months was nothing but a bad dream. Perhaps it’s worth dropping the “new” from the “new normal” now?

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Time-to-value with Magento Commerce

In today’s world, having an online eCommerce presence is needed to not only attract new customers but to support current customers. This was the reality for large scale B2C and B2B merchants, but is now true for most local and smaller sellers as well. Recent events have accelerated and normalized this business mandate. This rapid transition is not about scale or introducing new sizzle — it’s about developing an online presence that strengthens a business’s ability to survive in 2020 and beyond.

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MageNews August

Atwix MageNews - August 2020

Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, is quoted as saying, “change is the only constant in life.” Said some 2,500 years ago, he seemed to inherently know what life in 2020 would be for all of us in – a series of sprints to keep data secure and websites performing and compliant, to keep pace with the rapidly adapting eCommerce landscape, to innovate new and different end user experiences. Magento has been doing a whole lot of sprinting lately. In this month’s MageNews, we look ahead at a holiday season unlike any other, we dive into Magento’s newest release, and as always we surface and share Magento community activities. So, take a moment to refresh and replenish by catching up on our August MageNews.

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Tales of the Magneto Adobe Stock Integration. Part II.

Tales of the Magento Adobe Stock Integration. Part II.

In the previous chapter, we talked about work on the Magento Adobe Stock Integration (ASI) project and how these kinds of volunteer activities are critical to the continued growth of developer’s expertise. As a result of engagement in such projects, not only developers get to improve their Magento skills, but the whole ecosystem benefits from the accelerated roadmap delivery.

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Adobe Stock Integration Part 1

Tales of the Magento Adobe Stock Integration. Part I.

The last days of June 2019 were unusually hot for Ukraine. The weather that year decided to follow all possible summer standards: sunny days, very high temperatures, and a lack of precipitation. So it was nice to enjoy a sit on the train near the AC during my ride from Kyiv to Kharkiv. In Kharkiv, I took part in the Magento Meetup. These kinds of events are essential in providing a unique opportunity to share knowledge with the community, improve your skills, and to strengthen friendships.

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Magento Cloud - Pro vs Starter

Magento Commerce Cloud — Starter vs Pro Comparison

Magento Commerce Cloud is the ideal combination of a hosting platform together with the right Magento Commerce features for building a website. We already highlighted reasons to choose Magento Commerce Cloud solution – a perfect choice for merchants who wish to simplify website maintenance and, at the same time, acquire a stable platform for developing and growing business.

Magento offers two variations depending on business needs – Magento Commerce Cloud: Starter and Pro-Plan. Let’s compare these in more detail so you can find the right choice for your company.

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First look at Magento 2.4 Click-and-collect delivery

First look at Magento 2.4 Click-and-collect delivery

In this article, we review the in-store pickup feature that will be generally available in Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce 2.4.0. Here at Atwix, we highly anticipate this functionality – let us explain why it is important to consider implementing now, more than ever.

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Magento Commerce and Open Source 2.4 — release overview

Magento Commerce and Open Source 2.4. Release overview

During July 2020 Adobe will introduce a new release of Magento — Magento Commerce and Open Source 2.4. This release of Magento Commerce is a win-win for both admins and shoppers. Customers are receiving long-awaited B2B capabilities that include streamlined purchasing while admins score upgraded possibilities when it comes to customer experience. Magento 2.4.0 beta is already available for partners like Atwix, but the GA release is planned for the near future. As we are approach the General Availability date, we want to share with you what changes to expect in the release.

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The Open Source for Open-Source

The open source for Open-source -- a look into GraphQL.

The Atwix engineering team spends a lot of time monitoring, engaging, and contributing to Magento Open-Source projects. As CTO, I can tell you this investment is smart business for any Magento shop to stay on top of ALL that is taking place across our eco. However, within our Magento agency, Open-Source is something very personal to all of us. Managers and developers set aside much time and effort to review, share and contribute. Contributing ensues our knowledge and skills stay sharp, and it is great for the greater community to continually move the eCommerce platform forward. To that end, I wanted to share what we have been seeing, and where we have been rolling up our sleeves and participating – recently GraphGL has occupied much of that time and for good reason…

Speed matters in eCommerce. This statement on its own is common knowledge (or should be). However, maybe less known is the requirement to invest in performance improvements — continually. Think of performance investment not so much as optional, but rather as part of an ongoing merchant’s operating budget needed to maintain optimal user experience (and site owners and all those responsible for managing the site!). 

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MageNews July 2020

Atwix MageNews – July 2020

MageNews July is hot off the press. Per the usual, we have a lot to say this month reflecting all that is going on across our Magento community (and beyond!). How eCommerce has been affected by COVID-19, Magento 1 EOL, Magento on Swoole, Storefront API updates and much more. So sit back, relax and dive into our monthly roundup.

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