Atwix MageNews November 2021

It’s Almost Christmas

If we had to compare the eCommerce year with some sport activity, we’d choose the marathon. Let’s say that the distance is 12 months. It starts around January 1st and finishes on December 31st. In such a case, the month before Christmas is crucial as the last mile of a marathon is usually the most challenging.

The role of the main challenges can be played by two recurring events in the eCommerce world: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In previous releases of MageNews we shared several pieces of advice for November sales activity:

Such advice can help you during the November sprint. Do not hesitate to use them!
And in addition to the previous suggestions, we are happy to share a collection of news from the eCommerce world and the Community Activity Recap section with the latest updates about the brilliant contribution and collaboration of minds. The business section of the MageNews November edition covers the new partnership of the Adobe company and some valuable materials from the Magento Association. In the Community recap section, you will find fantastic news related to the Magento Open Source future, new tools and upcoming releases.

We’re thrilled to announce that Atwix has achieved Adobe Commerce specialization in the EMEA (Europe, Middle-East, and Africa), making it one of only a handful of Adobe partners to hold specialization in both the Americas and in the EMEA region!

This is a very exciting development in Atwix’s journey to becoming Adobe’s most-certified Magento / Commerce Silver Solution partner. And such rarified air puts Atwix in great company!

The Focusing October

This edition of Atwix MageNews was called Focusing October for a reason. While the eCommerce businesses are preparing for the Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas sales events, they also start focusing on the upcoming year’s planning. It is an excellent practice to have a vision of your business in its current state and some decades forward.

Focusing on the future in the eCommerce industry is a complex process. To make the right decision about the next step in business development, you shall consider many factors like technology, marketing, sales data analysis, and even new trends in social media. Long term success of the growth strategy conclusions is possible only when based on profound knowledge in the spheres described above. And by success, we mean not just a higher revenue but also predicting and mitigating the risks.

The Refreshing Autumn

As we mentioned in MageNews – August 2021, fall brought long-awaited coolness and business and community activity refreshment.

The eCommerce business is preparing for the Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas sales events. Such preparation is multisphered and includes marketing, engineering, logistics, management, etc. And, of course, knowledge sharing through local and global conferences. This type of activity is a perfect opportunity for beneficial communication between the community and business. 


Despite us getting used to pandemic, some changes remain unchanged, even when these are dramatic ones. Be it eCommerce booming or summer remaining a high season, full of news and updates in eCommerce ecosystem. We have collected some partner news after summer 2021, and it seems like everyone if getting ready for another great holiday season – thanks to Magento / Adobe Commerce ecosystem, we will all be equipped nicely.


When a merchant decides to run an eCommerce store, the very first challenges he/she meets is choosing a platform for this store. Like with many other products, it’s not as easy as googling for “the best eCommerce platform”. There are many factors that should be taken into account, and not all of them are obvious.

For example, you should consider the cost of the first version of your store not only by checking the price of the platform itself. All the additional functionality you might need, as a rule, will be provided either by paid apps/extensions or by custom development. And that fact also requires some additional budget. Below, we outline the key factors you should review before jumping into a new ecosystem.


Ho-ho-ho! Too soon? Actually, it is not! For those of us in eCommerce, now is the time to plan holiday season readiness. Get ready! The peak holiday shopping season is just around the corner. And from all indications, it’s shaping up to be a robust year for eCommerce. This is continuing the current trend, with a McKinsey study showing 10 years of eCommerce growth  happening in just three months. According to ROI Revolution’s analysis, in June 2021, ecommerce was up 95% over June 2019. Nearly 63% of consumers do all of their shopping online (BigCommerce). This data (and not only) does show the importance of eCommerce for your business. 


The August rush of great news

Summer 2021 is scorching, but the good news is that refreshing autumn will start in a month. This summer was hot not only in terms of weather, but also in eCommerce. In June and July MageNews releases we highlighted some news from the digital commerce world. For example, Amazon expanding its warehousing and delivery fleet, why Magento is good for small businesses and much more. Thoughtful material to read and analyze.

The August edition will surely keep the pace and contains plenty of valuable news from the world of eCommerce and related technologies. Two important announcements we’d like to highlight.


We are happy to introduce the second article in the series dedicated to Design Patterns in Magento 2. The goal of this series is to overview Magento 2 architecture with help of the design patterns explanation. The sequence of our posts is based on the logical subsequence of patterns’ usage. So the theme of the current post was selected for a reason. In the first article, we described one of the established patterns in Magento 2 – Object manager. This specific article is dedicated to Factory Method.

In Magento 2, Factory uses Object manager, and Object manager uses Factory. Before going further, we recommend reading the previous blog post that will help in forming a more solid understanding of both patterns and their applicability approach in Magento 2.


The world of static eCommerce is changing. Two technology leaders reveal the future of selling online. Learn about 6 key takeaways from a fireside chat with Atwix CTO Yaroslav Rogoza and Adobe’s Group Product Manager Eric Erway.

On July 15, 2021, Adobe’s Rebecca Doherty hosted a live webinar with two eCommerce experts: a two-time Magento Master with real-world experience deploying eCommerce solutions, and a Group Product Manager at Adobe, who is working on the eCommerce solutions of tomorrow. Did Adobe’s Eric Erway and Yaroslav Rogoza of Atwix find common ground? And what do they believe is the future of selling online? Here are the key takeaways.