Establishing a wholesale eCommerce business comes with its challenges and concerns. Wholesalers struggle with limited reach and visibility, supply and demand imbalances, order fulfillment delays, product profitability management, and strained buyer relationships. Choosing a proper B2B wholesale eCommerce platform can help address these challenges and drive business growth.

Magento 2 performance improvement with AWS CloudFront

Any Magento 2 page requested from a browser is processed by a web server. Magento 2 loads 170 scripts per page on average. All incoming requests add an additional load for a server CPU and Memory. As a result, it increases infrastructure costs to maintain an acceptable level of page load time. That’s when you can use AWS for Magento 2 performance improvements.

Popular Magento ERP Extensions

With more and more ERP providers releasing their Cloud versions, we wanted to make a list of both cloud, and self-hosted popular ERP’s to Integrate with Magento, briefly describing features for each one.

Empowering Your Business with Tailored Magento ERP Solutions – At Atwix, we understand that the heart of effective eCommerce lies in seamless integration. Our deep dive into Magento ERP integration showcases not just our proficiency but our commitment to enhancing your business’s operational efficiency. Leveraging Magento with the right ERP system can transform your data flow, streamline your processes, and ultimately drive growth.

In this article, we delve into the most popular ERP solutions compatible with Magento, offering insights into each to help you make an informed decision for your unique business needs. From the nuances of integration to the benefits each system brings, we provide the expertise and guidance to align your eCommerce strategy with robust ERP solutions

In recent years, the rules of the global trade game have changed, encouraging the implementation of B2B eCommerce for manufacturers. 

First COVID-19 has made all brick-and-mortar stores stall, forcing all businesses to move online. Then, the behavior of B2B customers has changed, them expecting the same level of service as B2C buyers and enjoying purchasing from digitally innovative suppliers.

Thus, if you want to level up and secure your company, B2B eCommerce solutions for manufacturers are the way out.   

Mastering the Digital Landscape: The Ultimate B2B eCommerce Solution for Distributors

Implementing B2B eCommerce for distributors is a way to transform business operations once and for all. With the constant growth of B2B sales expected to reach over 3 billion dollars by 2027, distributors have to face the new reality and take their operations online to stay competitive.

B2B eCommerce solutions can streamline and automate complex purchase cycles and order management processes, thereby maximizing efficiency and minimizing human errors. They will also enhance customer experience (CX), personalize pricing and product selection, and use data to draw strategic insights.

Black friday is a good problem if a merchant has their ecommerce site tested and tuned

Magento 2 performance testing is crucial for ensuring a seamless online shopping experience, free from the hassles of queues and limitations of physical store hours. This testing becomes especially vital for both B2C and B2B merchants as they prepare for anticipated sales transactions. By proactively addressing performance issues, merchants can optimize their platforms, readying themselves for increased traffic and ensuring their websites can handle the demands of modern e-commerce efficiently.

Choose your perfect Event in Magento 2

Magento event system is one of the most powerful and commonly used techniques for extending the standard back-end logic. What’s more, choosing the right event for a custom logic interpretation is an essential part of development.

Even though event systems in Magento 1 and Magento 2 share similarities, developers will find it useful to understand how the Magento 2 event system operates specifically. Read on to see a list of the framework-level events that help understand which event will be perfect to monitor and track in Magento 2.

Magento certifications and why they matter

Can you imagine visiting a non-certified therapist? Likely, the answer is no. You wouldn’t want to put your life in the hands of a person who hasn’t got a stamp of approval from authority.

The same applies to Magento eCommerce. Before entrusting someone with an access to your store, all the orders, and hard-earned customers, you’d want to ensure you work with a certified expert. 

To assess and recommend or just to tune and fix your eCommerce website, it’s best to work with a Magento 2-certified Solution expert who holds a Magento developer certification.