Most Popular Magento 2 Extensions in 2022

With many eCommerce stores coming out almost every day, you need to make sure your eCommerce store has all the features it needs to stand out. It has to have the looks and the hooks to attract new customers and retain the existing ones. This is where top Magento extensions can come in handy- giving your store all the right upgrades to make customers keep wanting for more.

MageNews January 2022

2022 is in full-swing and what better way to kick it off than by diving into key trends gaining momentum in the world of eCommerce?

In this edition of MageNews, we’ll focus on eCommerce Tech Trends of 2022 – from AR to BNPL, Google merchants to Google manufacturers, and Back-to-the-Future to Beer Hawk.

Let’s jump in!  

Ultimate Magento SEO Optimization Checklist 2022

Have you ever heard someone say, “I want to have a lightning-fast website because I need to have a good indexing among search engines!”

Right, we’ve also heard this story many times. Site performanсe is a critical component of search engine friendliness. 

However, there are many other factors affecting Magento SEO, as well. In a previous post, we made the case for customer experience as the most crucial driver of optimal website indexing. 

The more customers that use your website, the better ranking you will achieve. So, performance is far from your only consideration when discussing search engine optimization.

There are many technical aspects you’ll need to pay attention to in order to optimize Magento SEO. This article provides a Magento SEO checklist of tasks you can perform that will make search engine robots love your website.

Atwix MageNews 2021 Recap


2021 was the second year in a row that businesses worldwide faced challenges born of Covid, and heightened by subsequent lockdowns. Many merchants realized they needed digital transformation, and fast. Some would choose to go fully online, while others pursued a hybrid model. 

New challenges led to market adaptation through new tools –  like live video shopping – and brought new players to the eCommerce ecosystem.

In this year-end edition of MageNews, we’ll revisit some of the best moments of 2021 from the world of Magento Open Source, Adobe Commerce, and eCommerce at large.

The Atwix Offsite - Kemer Turkey

They say, “the greater the distance – the lesser the force of attraction.” (Sir Isaac Newton, I beg your pardon).  And here at Atwix, we used to have a pretty reliable formula for keeping remote teams “close.”

Each year – at least once a year – all Atwixers come together in one travel destination for a weekend of in-person connection, relaxation, and team-building. Welcome to the Atwix offsite.

Atwix MageNews November 2021

It’s Almost Christmas

If we had to compare the eCommerce year with some sport activity, we’d choose the marathon. Let’s say that the distance is 12 months. It starts around January 1st and finishes on December 31st. In such a case, the month before Christmas is crucial as the last mile of a marathon is usually the most challenging.

The role of the main challenges can be played by two recurring events in the eCommerce world: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In previous releases of MageNews we shared several pieces of advice for November sales activity:

Such advice can help you during the November sprint. Do not hesitate to use them!
And in addition to the previous suggestions, we are happy to share a collection of news from the eCommerce world and the Community Activity Recap section with the latest updates about the brilliant contribution and collaboration of minds. The business section of the MageNews November edition covers the new partnership of the Adobe company and some valuable materials from the Magento Association. In the Community recap section, you will find fantastic news related to the Magento Open Source future, new tools and upcoming releases.

We’re thrilled to announce that Atwix has achieved Adobe Commerce specialization in the EMEA (Europe, Middle-East, and Africa), making it one of only a handful of Adobe partners to hold specialization in both the Americas and in the EMEA region!

This is a very exciting development in Atwix’s journey to becoming Adobe’s most-certified Magento / Commerce Silver Solution partner. And such rarified air puts Atwix in great company!

The Focusing October

This edition of Atwix MageNews was called Focusing October for a reason. While the eCommerce businesses are preparing for the Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas sales events, they also start focusing on the upcoming year’s planning. It is an excellent practice to have a vision of your business in its current state and some decades forward.

Focusing on the future in the eCommerce industry is a complex process. To make the right decision about the next step in business development, you shall consider many factors like technology, marketing, sales data analysis, and even new trends in social media. Long term success of the growth strategy conclusions is possible only when based on profound knowledge in the spheres described above. And by success, we mean not just a higher revenue but also predicting and mitigating the risks.