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Email marketing. How to start and succeed

In today’s world, we get tons of emails every day. Some of them are spam, but most of the time we receive newsletters that we have previously subscribed to. There is a huge difference between two types of emails in your inbox. Some of them you don’t even open, but there are some that you are really waiting for. Every time you receive them it seems to be some kind of a present, they always have something interesting and of value inside.

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PDF invoice in order confirmation email

As everyone who uses Magento knows, in most cases after each order, the customer receives an order confirmation email which contains some useful information about an order that has been just placed. However, sometimes, it would be great to provide some additional information alongside with an order confirmation – such as payment information. There are some ways in Magento for extending emails with custom info, but often they require a lot of time and deep technical knowledges. Let’s leave these ways for people who has an extra time and review the simple and fast way how to add an invoice information to the order confirmation email.

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Passing multiple entities/collections into Magento email template

Hi friends, my previous article has been written about email sending feature in Magento, and you can read it here. But it seems that we have one more issue – how to display collections/arrays data in the email templates. We’ll try to shed the light on this below.

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Email sending feature in the custom module

Email sending feature in the custom module

In our new article we would like to discuss how to make your own sending email feature for the module. Pretty often we need to have ability that allows us to notify customers or admins about some events, so it’s very important part of the module development. Moreover, as you may notice Magento has native email functionality which makes developer’s life simpler.

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Creating automatic emails for custom events in Magento

Creating automatic emails for custom events in Magento

Magento is a relatively intelligent system. It implements an Event/Observer pattern for end users to hook into. You can catch different events and process them with your logic after. For example, if you want to perform an action after a user was logged in, you can use customer_login event, for an action implementation after the event.

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