Magento 2 PWA Development

Magento 2 PWA development services at Atwix let you build an eCommerce store that delivers  the UX of a native app while offering  all the benefits of a responsive business website.

Take your business to the next level by launching a cost-effective Magento progressive web app through Adobe Commerce PWA Studio. Let’s connect, right now, to discuss your options.


What Can I Achieve with Magento PWA?


Enhance visibility to gain new followers

Boost search rankings to improve conversion rates

Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Time-to-Market (TTM)

Optimize store performance to achieve faster loading speed

Enable responsive design to enhance user experience (UX) across desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Benefits of Using PWA with Magento

Maintaining a native app across multiple  operating systems can turn into a real nightmare. Imagine coding three different products (for iOS, Android, and Windows), spending three times the budget to maintain them, and managing three different development teams.

All this changes with a Magento 2 PWA app:

PWAs are designed for an enhanced mobile experience. They work lightning-fast, enable push notifications, support offline mode, and have a polished app-like front-end. As a result, they bring in more visitors and boost conversion rates.


Unlock the Power of Magento PWA with Expert Engineering

PWA Magento 2, when applied to ecommerce, is a game-changer. And its power is unlocked through  partnering with an expert PWA development agency that knows the technology inside and out.

Atwix is an Adobe-certified Gold Solution Partner, with vast engineering expertise in building world-class PWA storefronts. We live at the forefront of the latest Magento PWA developments, and leverage the certified engineers within our team to ensure your success. Check out our certifications and reach out for an expert consultation.

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How PWA Compares to Traditional Websites and Native Apps

Magento progressive web apps combine features from both traditional websites and native apps to improve the digital commerce experience of your target audience.

Like traditional websites, PWAs are easily accessible and shareable through a simple website URL. And similar to native apps, PWAs can be added to a smartphone’s home screen, deliver push notifications, and operate offline.

These are the benefits of PWAs vs traditional websites:

And is PWA’s edge over native apps:

Atwix Magento PWA success stories

Don’t settle for mediocre deliverables – build your Magento PWA by partnering with industry experts.

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