Most Popular Ecommerce Podcasts to Listen in 2022 + Popular Magento Podcasts

Picture this: On Spotify alone, there are more than 2.2 million podcasts published. If you add Google and Apple Podcasts and other platforms to the picture, the numbers are off the charts. The question is, have you tried listening to eCommerce podcasts yet?

There are many podcasters on the internet. Some have more than 300 episodes; others are up-and-coming shows with one or two. The common thing about all of the podcasts that made our list is that they bring something valuable to the table.

Which are the best eCommerce podcasts that you need to follow right now?

Our Top Picks for Ecommerce Podcasts:

1. Ecommerce Fuel Podcast

The podcasts’ website claims, “The World’s Largest Community of 7- and 8-Figure Store Owners”. Andrew Youderian (the host) covers all kinds of topics, starting with brand-specific reports to general information on industry trends to details about building a leadership team. In addition to podcasts, the company runs a business development program to help in accelerating the growth for Ecommerce brands. ( Apple Podcast , Google Podcast )

2. The My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast

A podcast featuring entrepreneurs who have walked away from their traditional work to start their own business. Each episode delves into the nitty-gritty details of success. This podcast is like easy listening music that you can play in the background while doing something else. ( Apple Podcast , Google Podcast )

3. 2x eCommerce Podcast

The 2x eCommerce Podcast is hosted by e-commerce specialist Kunle Campbell. Its goal is to inspire retail entrepreneurs and marketers. If you want to learn from the experience of successful entrepreneurs, top executives, and marketers with a proven track record, you should listen to this podcast. ( Spotify , Apple Podcast )

4. eCom@One With Richard Hill

Richard Hill shares his secrets to success and insights he has learned while growing his own store. He uncovers the secrets of other passionate entrepreneurs who have experienced major highs and lows during their journey. He interviews icons such as Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income and Anton Kraly from ConversionXL. ( Spotify , Apple Podcast )

5. Future Commerce Podcast

The Future Commerce is a retail business podcast for startups ready to make meaningful connections and build their brand into a trustworthy business. The guests talked about what they’ve learned from their eCommerce adventure (online or offline) to create something even better. Each week, the hosts ask the founders of successful brands how they turned their ‘making money online’ approach into a thriving business. ( Apple Podcast , Spotify )

6. “Beyond the Inbox” by Drip

“Beyond the Inbox” is a podcast hosted by Sam Thomas Davies, a seasoned Growth Marketer at Drip. With each episode, this podcast offers an insightful and authentic exploration of the ecommerce world. Through candid conversations, ecommerce entrepreneurs and marketers share their remarkable experiences, revealing the challenges and triumphs of running an online store in the ever-evolving landscape of 2023. Unlike many other ecommerce-focused podcasts, “Beyond the Inbox” goes beyond surface-level discussions, immersing listeners in the real stories and strategies that industry professionals use to cultivate stronger relationships with their customers. If you want to get a genuine understanding of ecommerce growth, “Beyond the Inbox” is a go-to podcast.

7. Commerce Tea Ecommerce Podcast

To help merchants navigate the changing landscape of eCommerce, Kelly Vaughn and Rhian Buetler started this podcast. Tune in to learn tips and tricks for growing your online store, hear from experts in the industry, and get inspired by success stories. ( Apple Podcast , Google Podcast )

8. Ecommerce Braintrust Podcast

Get access to the world’s most experienced product professionals to help you get your product shipped and out into the market successfully. Join Kiri Masters as she interviews experts about today’s most popular topics for entrepreneurs like Amazon, retail eCommerce, and digital marketing trends. ( Apple Podcast , Google Podcast)

9. eCommerce Fuel Podcast

The show features Andrew Youderian, entrepreneurial expert and founder of eCommerceFuel. He is joined by a guest each week, where they talk about what makes them successful at launching and growing a business. Get detailed information from top experts on how to research, promote and operate your online store. ( Apple Podcast , Google Podcast )

10. The Bright Ideas eCommerce Business Podcast

Trent Dyrsmid, who you may know as the former Internet Marketing Manager for eBay, interviews today’s most successful eCommerce business owners and entrepreneurs. He gets them to share all their best tactics that worked well and helped them get ahead of the competition. ( Google Podcast )

11. Stairway to CEO Podcast

Stairway to CEO is a new podcast hosted by Lee Greene. It features untold stories and inspirational interviews with innovative eCommerce & DTC founders and includes advice through insightful conversations. (Apple Podcast , Apple Podcast )

12. Total Retail Talks Podcast

Total Retail Talks is the only podcast to focus on creating a platform where executives can gain the insight they need to become successful in the online business industry. Through engaging talks and focused interviews, listeners can receive quality information from one of the widest ranges of retail experts, influencers, and leaders. ( Apple Podcast, Google Podcast )