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Magento 2 requests flow overview

Magento 2 request flow overview

It’s interesting to know how Magento 2 works “under the hood” not only for developers but for all the people, who work with the platform. Not everyone has a possibility to dig in the code deeply enough in order to check the details. In this post we will put Magento 2 request flow in layman’s terms.

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Grid filter for columns with complex values

Grid filter for columns with complex values

In previous articles we told you how to operate with columns in adminhtml grids. Usually the process is quite fast, for example, if you want to add simple column from the database. But sometimes you need to add a column with complex value, processed by renderer. You say: “it’s not a big deal to use renderers…” Right, until you face with sort and filter..

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Magento backend routes and ClearCache module

Magento backend routes and ClearCache module

All of Magento’s built-in backend modules share the same route, which is set during the installation process and defaults to ‘admin’. Here we will show you how to allow custom built modules to use the same route, so that you have consistent url routes in the back-end.

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