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Redirects in Magento 2

Redirects is a widely used approach not only in Magento but in most of other web applications. Saying “redirect” we usually mean a rule or a set of rules for sending user from one URL to another. Using Magento 1 you can easily handle redirects by writing just one line of the code, but in Magento 2, because of its new architecture based on Dependency injection, the process of building a redirect is a bit more complex. Let’s review a new redirect creation by building a simple extension that redirects user from a category page to a product view page if there’s only one product in this category.

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Magento 2: welcome to the new era!

Truly exciting news for the whole Magento community have arrived this week: after so many years of development (Magento 2 was first announced back in 2010), finally Magento 2 is available for download.

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