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Meet Magento DE 2016

Today I would like to get back to the 4th of July, when not only the USA became independent but also Meet Magento DE happened in the cozy city of Leipzig. It was not my first Meet Magento, but this time, I was the only one representing Atwix at the event and I should say that it was an extraordinary experience.

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Mage Titans Italia 2016

This year one of the very first events was Mage Titans – “A conference for Magento developers, designed & curated by Magento developers”. This time the event brought together Magento people in Milan.

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How to manipulate OroCRM grid using event listener

How to manipulate OroCRM grid using event listener

You may face with the situation when it is necessary to change a data grid for your OroCRM application. It is quite easy if you have already created your own bundle (we’ve described how to create a bundle in the previous article).
In this case, you can simply add few changes to datagrid.yml of this bundle. Nevertheless, sometimes we have to work with the bundles created by other developers or system bundles. And in those cases, we can use two ways: overwrite a full data grid configuration of the corresponded bundle or work with events of a listener.

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Observers reality or fiction

Observers, reality or fiction

Observers are very powerful instrument in Magento. They allow us to bind our functionality to some Magento events. Many of you know about dispatchEvent function. This function calls all observers registered for this event. For example, we have the following code snippet placed in this app/code/core/Mage/Catalog/Model/Resource/Product/Collection.php file.

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