Atwix Infor Pre-Integrated Solution

Elevate your business efficiency with real-time Infor ERP and eCommerce integration with Atwix’s Infor Pre-Integrated Magento / Adobe Commerce packaged solution. 

With this foundation, Atwix tailors this packaged solution to meet the enterprise specific needs. Atwix is here to facilitate high ROI digital transformation.


Real-time ERP and eCommerce Integration

Distributors and manufacturers face the “Challenge” of incorporating real-time ERP integrations within the eCommerce experience. Key areas such as invoice payments, order workflows, user management, and customer specific SKU-level pricing are often essential capabilities to meet customer expectations.. Moreover, delivering a streamlined customer experience requires a flexible and scalable solution.

This solution, built upon the renowned modularity of The Atwix Framework, delivers robust ERP Customer Self-Service capabilities, alongside real-time pricing. 

The Infor Pre-Integrated Magento / Adobe Commerce Package provides an agile, scalable solution. Unique business processes are elegantly incorporated, advancing timelines, and reducing costs for both development and maintenance.

Key Benefits of Atwix Infor Pre-Integrated

Embrace the Future with Atwix Infor Pre-Integrated

The open source agility of the Atwix Infor Pre-Integrated solution provides the flexibility to align with the specific enterprise requirements.

Leverage the power of real-time ERP and eCommerce integration with Atwix Infor Pre-Integrated Magento / Adobe Commerce. Take the next step towards efficiency, scalability, and a superior customer experience. 

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