Preparation to Magento Developer Certification

As many of you know, at the end of the last year Magento has introduced an opportunity to the developers to confirm and leverage their knowledge of Magento by passing the Magento Developer Certification. Here we’d like to share some thoughts on the preparation process basing on our experience.

There is no better way to prepare, other than implementing custom modifications to Magento day to day and paying attention to its code. Special attention should be given to the classes, mentioned in the official Study Guide, which also lists the topics which you should learn in order to pass the exam. So, firstly, go grab the official Study Guide, which also includes a few sample questions to give you an idea about the exam complexity. Next thing you should do is watch the Magento U course called “Fundamentals of Magento Development“. This course clarifies many inner aspects of the Magento system and would be useful even for an experienced developer. We’d also recommend this course to anyone who is just starting to carve his way around Magento as well.

If you are aiming at Magento Plus certification, make sure you have experience with the Enterprise Edition platform and its modules (specific modules are covered in the Study Guide). In order to successfully pass the Plus certification, a minimum level of points needs to be scored on the last two topics – Enterprise Edition and Challenge Items. Overall, the exam is well balanced and based on both – the practical and theoretic aspects.

We’ve also found the following resources to be helpful:

Guys from BelVG started a nice series of articles on the Magento certification topic, which can be found on their blog

To some extent, Magento Cards will give you an overview of the config and code snippets to strengthen your knowledge.

Feel free to ask any questions you have regarding the exam, our certified developers would be glad to address them in the comments. Good luck with the preparation and passing the exam!