Massive update of related products, up-sells and cross-sells in Magento 1 and Magento 2

When we need to update information for products, we can do it directly on the edit product page – however, this process requires much time in case we work with hundreds of products. And there is another way to do it as both Magento 1 and Magento 2 have the ability of massive update of related products, up-sells and cross-sells. Let’s find out more information in this article.

Magento import/export is a really powerful tool. You can easily export products in order to have a file with the example. For that, simply navigate to System > Import/Export > Export in Magento 1 admin panel and System > Data Transfer > Export in Magento 2 admin panel. Then choose “Products” in the “Entity Type” dropdown. In case of Magento 1, you should see the interface like this:


For Magento 2 you will have the following one:


Reduce exported number of columns in the file and leave only needed ones. For Magento 1, we will need these columns: sku, _links_related_sku, _links_related_position, _links_crosssell_sku, _links_crosssell_position, _links_upsell_sku, _links_upsell_position. And the example file in Magento 1 will look like this:


In case of Magento 2, the position columns are missed and SKUs are separated with comma, not in the separate rows like it is in Magento 1. Here you should have the columns: sku, related_skus, crosssell_skus, upsell_skus. So, the file should look like this:


In this manner, use System > Import/Export > Import and System > Data Transfer > Export for Magento ver. 1 and ver. 2 respectively. Magento will check if the files are valid before starting the uploading process. So, you will need to press “Check Data” buttons first and when files are validated – press “Import” button which will appear afterwards. In Magento 1, it will be:


And in Magento 2:


That is all. Pretty simple, isn’t it? :) You do not need any additional code changes or custom scripts, use just native Magento import/export tools.