Email Marketing

Automated email campaigns in still one of the most effective marketing tools. Making the most of it, however, requires a thorough knowledge of most popular email marketing platforms, expertise, and resources – something that Atwix team is happy to share. We’ll take every step of the process together with you, from defining the goals and planning the campaign to execution and optimization.
There isn’t a universal recipe for successful email campaigns, however, general process outline usually stays the same.

  • Planning
    Together with you, we define the campaign goals (building brand awareness, driving more traffic, developing repeat buyers, etc.), create buyer personas through a research of demographics, online behavior, and past interactions. Finally, we’ll put together the objectives for the campaign.
  • Creating messages and landing pages
    Based on goals, target segments, and objectives, our team will design the written and visual content of the messages, carefully outlining the subject lines and email copies. This step more often than not goes hand in hand with development of landing pages, consistent with the messages.
  • A/B Testing, Analysis, and Optimization
    Campaign launch is only when it all begins. Its every element (such as subject line, trigger landing page, and CTA) is then thoroughly tested, with results measured and analyzed. Based on that campaigns are continuously optimized by frequency, time and day, subject lines and copies, CTA and more.