Magento Imagine 2013 Presentations – Business Track

After publishing the Technology Track presentations from Magento Imagine 2013, we continue with the Business Track today.

1. Growing Strong: How Start-Ups and SMBs Grow with Magento Enterprise by Michael Harvey, Ryan Bonifacino, Alex Cramner, Frank DiRocco, Darren Johnson:

2. The Consumerization of Corporate Commerce by Vincent Tran, Luis Colon, Nick Cron, Brad Martell, Misak Melikyan

3. Hidden Gems: Using Data Driven Insights to Grow Revenue by Kevin Eichelberger, Jim Davidson, Tim Donke, Jodie Ellis, Jeff Lawrence, Mike Wodtke

4. Magento – Your Passport to Global Growth by Jordan Weinstein, Kian Gould, Clint Reid, Claudio Rivabene, Mitch Robins

Magento Imagine 2013 Technology Track
Magento Imagine 2013 Business Track
Magento Imagine 2013 Business Track

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